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Pocong's Aqidah, Is There In Islam?

Pocong's Aqidah, Is There In Islam

Muslim Creed - Maybe you've heard the term pocong. Pocong literally means a body wrapped in a shroud. However, this term continues to grow so that it is far from its meaning, due to the influence of the wrong aqidah or application of the meaning of pocong.

Finally, many people think that pocong is a corpse that rises and can walk or move to and fro at will.

Pocong is now believed by some to be a frightening and dangerous specter.

According to them, Pocong is still alive or resurrected when the head rope on the corpse's shroud is not removed. However, they are all just fairy tales and fantasy!

Because they are afraid of pocong, some people are afraid to break their oath if asked to swear pocong, which is an oath accompanied by sleeping north facing the Qibla (West) in the mosque and wearing a shroud (like a corpse). ).

some people are afraid to bathe their parents or relatives, citing fear of the body moving suddenly. Subhanallah, stupid people like this!!

Similar beliefs exist in western lands and other unbelievers. It is "Dracula", a character in horror stories in Europe who likes the blood of humans who become his prey, so there is a belief that even though Dracula is dead, he can still rise to the foundation of blood.

Westerners and others also believe in vampires or zombies, corpses that according to (Western) belief rise again from the grave, then come out at night and find the blood of sleeping humans. The story of this vampire is almost similar to Dracula.

Pocong's aqidah which believes that corpses can rise again has a very bad influence on our society, so many of them are afraid to go out at night for a purpose, do not dare to sleep in their homes when there is death, do not want to go to the grave for pilgrimage, are reluctant to wake up for night prayers and so forth.

All because he was afraid of pocong. This is a false belief according to Sharia. These are all fictional stories made up by fools.

The funny thing is, there is a group of ignorant schoolchildren who come to a dark place by polishing themselves like pocongs.

They annoy some passers-by. Whereas the people they fear are stupid so some of them are almost harmed by the fear that haunts them.

This has become a phenomenon in society, some people believe that pocong exists and can interfere with humans.

False beliefs like these need to be studied and corrected. Because if it spreads it will have a negative impact on the world and the hereafter.

Dear reader, Allah -Azza wa Jalla- has explained to us in many verses that humans will not be resurrected from their graves before the time determined by Allah, when the day of resurrection occurs.

When the apocalypse has occurred, all creatures rise from their graves.

As for before that, the corpse will not be resurrected, except for certain events that Allah has ordained, such as the incident when the Prophets Moses and Jesus, there were some bodies that were raised by Allah because of the wisdom behind them.

As in addition, one should not believe in the existence of a corpse raised from the grave, except on the basis of evidence. As for the rumors that a corpse had re-awakened, then maybe the news was a lie or it was a devil's play who wanted to mislead people by looking like a pocong.

The belief that the return of humans with body and soul to the world before the apocalypse is a futile thing.

Some heretics call it Roj'ah, which is the return of the soul to the body before the apocalypse. This is clearly vanity based on authentic verses and hadiths.

There are many arguments that explain that after death humans will not rise, except at a time determined by Allah - who is exalted -, both from the Qur'an, Sunnah, and the agreement of the scholars.

Allah SWT said,

Pocong's Aqidah, Is There In Islam

Al-Imam Abul Hasan Al-Barbahariy -Rahimahullah - said in explaining the batil aqidah roj'ah,

Pocong's Aqidah, Is There In Islam

Abul Hasan Muhammad bin Ahmad Al-Malthiy Ash-Syafi'iy -Rahimahullah- said

Pocong's Aqidah, Is There In Islam

Pocong's Aqidah, Is There In Islam

Allah says that the inhabitants of the graves will not be resurrected (from their graves) until the Day of Resurrection. So whoever does not obey this law of the Qur'an, he is not a believer. “[See AT-TANBIH WA AR-RODD (P. 19), by Al-Malthiy]

Abdul Aziz bin Waliyullah Ad-Dahlawy -Rahimahullah- said in denying the Aqidah of Roj'ah,

Pocong's Aqidah, Is There In Islam

So he said, "And in front of them there is a wall until the day they are resurrected", very clear in eliminating the reincarnated aqeedah. See Mukhtashor At-Tuhfah al-Itsna al-Asyariyyah (p.)

When our spirit is taken by the angel of death, the angel lifts it up to the sky, then after that our spirit is returned to the body until the spirit and body feel pleasure or torment in the grave.

If someone says, "Isn't that the time when the spirit returns to the body, then settles down", then it is necessary to understand that life is the life of the barzakh world, not life in the world. As long as the Spirit is in the Barzakh realm, it will be stuck there, not free to roam.

Regarding the existence of a corpse or a wandering spirit, if that is the case, then it is not a spirit, but a demon who incarnates to mislead and scare humans.

The Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said in long hadiths about the punishment of the grave accepted by the opposition.

Pocong's Aqidah, Is There In Islam

This hadith tells us that the spirit returns to the body when death is not returned to the worldly realm, but to the grave (Alam Barzakh).

His spirit is returned until they are both happy or tormented in the grave.

If he is good, then he will feel happy. But if he is evil, then he will feel the torment.

Here are some words and a series of arguments that deny this Pocong's aqidah.

May we understand the problem and no longer be wrong in believing.

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