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The history of the companions of the Prophet "Hakim Ibn Hazam Ra"

"Hakim Ibn Hazam Ra"

The history of the companions of the Prophet Hakim Ibn Hazam Ra

Muslim Creed | Have you heard the story of this friend of the Prophet? This story shows that he was the only person born in the Great Kaaba. With respect to his birth history, we can see the following:

Once, the judge's mother entered the Kaaba with another woman to see its contents. On that day, the Kaaba was opened to the public because the Meccan population was celebrating one of the big days. By the way, the mother was pregnant, suddenly, felt that her baby was pressing hard against her stomach, although she was still in the Kaaba and she could not leave it. As first aid, some people take dry skin and babies are born on it. The baby's name was Hakim bin Hazam bin Khuwalid. It's still the niece of a great woman, Khadijah Bint Khuwalid Ra.

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Hakim Bin Hazam grew up in a respectable, respected and rich family environment. Meanwhile, he has a noble and special personality. Therefore, it is not surprising that people respect and take Rafphed's position. To carry out this task, Hakim Bin Hazam passed on his personal wealth to help every pilgrim who did not have enough provisions for the time of Hajj.

On the other hand, the judge established a very close friendship with the Messenger of Allah, before becoming a prophet. Even though the judge was five years older than the Messenger of Allah, but the judge was very warm and he felt very happy to be friends with him. While Rosulullón responded to this friendship with the same kind and closeness. Then, family relations further strengthened their friendship because in the following period, Rosululloh married his aunt, Khadijah Bint Khuwalid Ra.

After we explained how close the relationship between Hakim Bin Hazam and the Messenger of Allah was but in fact that the magistrate only entered Islam after Mecca Fath (conquest of the city of Mecca), which means after 20 years Rasulullah became a Prophet. It is natural that everyone would suspect that people like Hakim Bin Hazam who were privileged by Allah in the form of mature thinking, along with their very close relationship with the Prophet, would include the first people who believed in Him,

 accept da' Whew, and his instructions. But it is God's will, whatever He wants must happen. While we are surprised by the delay in the judge's entry into Islam, Hakim Bin Hazam himself was surprised by his life experience. In the first days of his Islam and when he was just feeling the pleasures of faith, he literally lamented every second of his life, which was crossed in disbelieve in Allah and contradicting His prophet.

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One day after entering Islam, Hakim Melhat's children were crying. They immediately asked. "Father, what made you cry like this?" The judge replied: "Many, all of them made me cry, my son! First, I was late to embrace Islam, so many good opportunities I spent, even if I paid for it with gold as big as a mountain, then it would not compare with it. Another problem is when Allah Allah saved me during the battles of Badr and Uhud, I said to myself, because today I will not help the Quraish anymore to attack the Messenger of Allah, and I will not go out of Mecca. But I come back and help the Quraish. Not to mention that every time I want to become Islam, I see that the remnants of the elders and leaders who revered the Quraysh still maintain their ignorant beliefs. For this reason I follow them and support them. If I don't do that...! Despite what made us perish because of we follow our ancestors and upbringing. How can I not cry for it, my child?"

On the night of the conquest of Mecca, Rasulullah SAW told his companions: "Indeed, in Mecca there are four people, I think that he does not deserve to remain as polytheists and accept Islam more quickly"

A friend asked the Messenger of Allah, "Who are they, O Messenger of Allah?"

Rasulullah replied. "Attab bin USAID, Jubair in Muth'im, Hakim bin Hazam, and Suhail in Amru.

With the permission of Allah SWT, all that was discussed by Rasulullah then embraced Islam. Subhanallah.

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