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Belief in the Books of Allah is obligatory


Belief in the Books of Allah is obligatory

The difference between the book and the temperature and wisdom of believing in the books of Allah

Various books and taqwa cannot be separated from the life of a believer. Moreover, the third pillar of faith obliges every Muslim to believe in the books of Allah SWT.

Over time, the books of Allah SWT which were received by the apostles experienced development. With these conditions, how is the difference between the book and the Suhuf in Islam?

The difference between the book and the Suhuf needs to be known so that it is not misunderstood. Because, apart from the book, there is also a Suhuf that was revealed by Allah SWT to the prophets. Suhuf is a guide in preaching like the Suhuf of Prophet Abraham and Musa as.. Suhuf is God's revelation that was conveyed to the prophets and apostles, but still in the form of separate sheets and not codified or recorded.

The revelations of Allah SWT that were received by the prophets during their development were recorded in the form of a book and some were not recorded or in the form of a temperature, namely separate sheets. However, both of them contain the word of Allah SWT which was given to the prophets and prophets.

The statement that states that Suhuf is true is the word of Allah Q.S al-A'la: 18-19

Allah SWT sent down revelation which was then recorded in the form of Suhuf. This Suhuf was revealed to several prophets before Prophet Muhammad SAW. Anyone?

Suhuf or sahifah are revelations received by the prophets and apostles of Allah SWT which are collected and recorded in the form of sheets of paper, camel skin, leaves, and so on. The collections that were compiled were later named as books.

Hudarrohman in his book Pillars of Faith explains, Suhuf contains instructions, graces, and lights for human life. Every Muslim is obligated to believe in the existence of Suhuf which was revealed to the prophets before the Prophet Muhammad. As the word of Allah SWT in QS. Al Baqarah verse 4

It is mentioned in a narration, there are 4 prophets who received the Suhuf. This hadith comes from Abu Dharr ra. he asked the Messenger of Allah: "How many books has Allah sent down?" 

Meanwhile, in the book 'The Concept of Majority of Ahlussunnah Wal Jammah' by Idik Saeful Bahri, it is stated that there are differences of opinion among scholars regarding the number of Suhuf and their recipients. It is stated that Allah SWT also lowered the temperature to Prophet Adam AS by 10 temperatures. So, the total temperature is 110.

According to the opinion above, the following are the prophets who received the Suhuf along with the number of the Suhuf he received:

1. Prophet Adam: 10 Suhuf

2. Prophet Syits: 50 Suhuf

3. Prophet Idris: 30 Suhuf

4. Prophet Ibrahim: 10 Suhuf

5. Prophet Musa: 10 Suhuf

Kitab and Suhuf have similarities and keep the differences. The similarity is that they are both the words of Allah SWT which were revealed to His Messengers. The differences between us and Suhuf are:

- The contents of the book are more complete than Suhuf

- The form of the book has been recorded, while the Suhuf is still in the form of separate sheets

- The book usually lasts longer than the Suhuf.

- A person who receives a book is given the title of Prophet and Apostle. Meanwhile, for Suhuf only given the title of Prophet. For the apostle himself has the obligation to convey the revelation he received to his people, while the prophet was not given the obligation to convey the revelation he received to the people of the prophet.

The wisdom of believing in the books of Allah SWT

Allah SWT sent down His books in this world by way of revelation to His Messenger. Of course this can provide benefits for human life and Allah's creatures in this universe. Humans who claim to have faith must try to take lessons from the books of Allah SWT without doubting them. The wisdom that can be drawn from the existence of Allah's books is as follows:

- Gives guidance to humans which one is right and which one is wrong

- Guidelines so that humans do not disagree in determining the truth.

- Provide information on the life history of the previous people. This can be a valuable life lesson for mankind today.

- Humans can know how much attention and love Allah has for His servants and creatures

- People who believe will be able to know and distinguish what is good and what is bad, because in the book it is explained about good and bad behavior.

- The human heart becomes more peaceful and increases knowledge.

- Be grateful for all the gifts and favors from Allah SWT, including the provision of correct guidance through His books.

- Have a high tolerance attitude because the books of Allah SWT provide an explanation of the cultivation of tolerance, mutual respect, and respect for other people and even adherents of other religions.

- Increase patience in accepting trials, tests, and calamities that befell him.

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