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Using A Smartphone During Friday Prayers And The Preacher Is Giving The Sermon

Using A Smartphone During Friday Prayers And The Preacher Is Giving The Sermon

MuslimCreed - Friday prayer is an obligation that must be fulfilled by Muslims, especially for men who have reached puberty. At Friday prayers we are prohibited from making noise, and must listen to the sermon while looking at the preacher. as for some scholars' opinions explain that whatever is forbidden in listening to the sermon is almost the same as what is done during prayer.

At Friday prayers we are not allowed to play around while doing Friday prayers, if playing games in the time of the prophet

people hold pebbles because the Prophet's Mosque at that time was not like now, in ancient times the Prophet's mosque was still simple and around the mosque had a lot of pebbles.

Whoever plays with gravel when he is praying Friday or something that is in front of him, in that sense he is playing and until now if there is one. or someone attends Friday prayers and then he plays with his smartphone or something, then this is the same as that we are playing games when attending Friday prayers,

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As for the adab taught by the prophet, on Friday prayers we have to be fully concentrated but the concentration should not be excessive to make the person sleep while listening to the sermon given by the preacher at Friday prayers, don't let it be like that.

At Friday prayers, what is meant by full concentration means that we listen to the sermon so that we can take Faidah or take advantage of what is conveyed by the preacher.

As for the opinion of Imam Shafi'i, it is explained that listening to the preacher who is delivering the sermon is an obligation while speaking or greeting is makruh, because in ancient times the mosques that existed at the time of the Prophet were not like the mosques that exist today,

As for makruh, what is meant is when warning a relative who is beside him when there is a deadly animal such as a scorpion, snake or anything else that causes a person to be in danger.so we are allowed to talk just to remind and the law is makruh.

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From these various opinions we can conclude that speaking in Friday prayers is better avoided and prioritizes our obligation to listen to the preacher who is giving the sermon, while playing around during Friday prayers is like playing smartphones or other things that make us lose concentration to listen. thekhatib is giving the sermon better to avoid.

The references to our obligation to listen to the preacher while delivering the sermon include:

Using A Smartphone During Friday Prayers And The Preacher Is Giving The Sermon

that was the adab of listening to the sermon when carrying out Friday prayers, hopefully it will be useful and increase our piety to be closer to Allah SWT

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