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Valentine's Day Realities and Opinions of Islamic Scholars

Valentine's Day 

Muslimcreed | February 14th is celebrated around the world as Valentine's Day. It's called the International Love Festival.

People i have started to celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm beyond various nations and countries. Valentine's Day is also known as the day of expression of love. On this day gifts are distributed, happiness is expressed. Ladies and gentlemen went for a special date. The symbol of Roman civilization's love was the "red flower" offered to each other. A picture of a bird named Cupid (who was believed by the Roman polytheists to be the god of love) was affixed to a greeting card to express love. "Be my valentine" Words like 'used as love. Great party of love and affection.

Today many people specifically celebrate Valentine's Day, but few people are aware of the reality of this festival, its background and historical traditions associated with it, and most people don't even want to know. But the Muslim Ummah is thus a capable community that teaches the difference between right and wrong. Therefore, before accepting something, Muslims must know all the characteristics of it. So that Muslims can take a stand against these actions. And to guide the entire international community in the right direction. So that the world can be safe from misguidance and become the birthplace of peace and tranquility.

The phrase Valentine's day, originally associated with (2) historical events (unproven). One was the lottery-based marriage in Roman culture and the other was the murder of a Christian priest.

According to tradition, Valentine's Day was part of Roman civilization, known as the "Lupercalia" festival. In ancient Rome, February 14 was celebrated as a wedding day. A festival was held on this day. Where the names of Roman maidens are written on the slip. Then through a Lucky Draw, the girls were shared among the men involved in the exhibition. The couple would spend time together during the celebrations and would tie the knot if they fell in love.

It is said that the king did not marry In the second tradition, the Roman emperor Claudius II

Due to the good performance of the youth, the marriage of the youth is prohibited. However, the local pastor of St. Valentine Against the king on this. And for that crime he was killed. And when Christianity came to Rome, the day was celebrated as Valentine's Day in memory of Pastor Valentine.

Initially, the festival was considered sacred in Roman pagan culture, but was later officially named Valentine's Day by Christian priests on February 14. With the passage of time, new things like Greeting Cards, Teddy Bears, Chocolates, and letters of love and affection. and other things related to love began to be given as gifts.

about 4 million people in the United States have parties with the opposite sex, waiting for offers of love and affection. For this tradition proposal the cost is more than 17 billion. According to Business of Time Magazine.

This is being spread all over the world about Valentine's Day. And sadly some Muslims are also starting to adopt this disgusting ritual.

Valentine's Day: In the eyes of Islam and Islamic scholars:

Islam is a complete system of life, which is a guide in every aspect of life. The perfect Muslim is the name of the person who is ready to live according to the teachings of Allah and His Messenger in every area of life and does not feel wronged even in his heart. In this regard, when we know the position of Islam regarding Valentine's Day, then that day must be commemorated

They consider it explicitly haram and an un-Islamic act. The reasons are mentioned below:

Hari Raya is part of Islamic law, and no one can add to it or take it away from it. Festival matters are beyond opinion and ijtihad. (Bukhari) Therefore, it is not permissible for a Muslim to celebrate Valentine's Day. Hafiz Dhahabi said: Just as a Muslim is not allowed to follow their religion or worship.

So Valentine's Day has its roots in Roman polytheistic culture which was later adopted by Christians, and it is not permissible for Muslims to imitate polytheists or infidels. The Messenger of Allah said: (Abu Dawud) Imam Ibn Taymiyya wrote that it is forbidden for Muslims to imitate non-Muslims in terms of celebration.

* Islam does not allow premarital love affairs and also prohibits Muslims from approaching relationships outside of marriage. Therefore, Valentine's Day is not an Islamic love affair at all, so it has no place in Islam. The Qur'an says: "Do not approach adultery." People who celebrate Valentine's Day and enjoy dating, distribute gifts in the name of this day. They decorate dance parties and open the door to immorality.

Islam is a religion that teaches more than love, and explains love by following the limits of sharia in order to get to heaven. (Muslim). Muslims don't need Valentine or other Christian priests or Roman polytheists to teach love and how to love.

* Islam is the name of modesty and holiness and Valentine's Day is a day of immorality, therefore it is completely against Islam.

* Billions of dollars spent on Valentine's Day, which consists only in wastage. And it is absolutely illegal for Muslims to participate in any act of extravagant spending.

Sayings of the scholars:

* Valentine's Day is a polytheistic and pagan ritual, Muslims should refrain from celebrating the festival. Valentine's Day is a time of love and romance, which causes the younger generation to deviate from the right path and deviate from the teachings of Islam.

 (Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Saleh Al-Utsaimin - Mufti - Saudi Arabia)

A person who celebrates Valentine's Day, or attends a celebration of such a festival, is actually celebrating a festival of the polytheists. All his good deeds are gone. (Maulana Abdul Sattar - Karawang)

After the above arguments and facts, it is clear that Valentine's Day is a non-Islamic ritual, which should not be propagated by Muslims in their society in any way. Especially for young people

That they should make every effort to protect the nation from the cultural aggressions of the enemies of Islam. May Allah protect the Ummah from internal and external misery. Amen.

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