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With istiqamah the soul will be calm


With istiqamah the soul will be calm

With istiqamah the soul will be calm

MuslimCreed | You could say we often hear or even say the word istiqomah, but even so there are still many people who do not know the meaning of istiqomah itself. Istiqomah is often said in various activities and occasions.

Istiqomah itself has the meaning of straight, upright or in the standard language is consistent.

Istiqamah also means a firm attitude to one's stance and consistent in action. In a straight sense, istiqamah is a firm attitude in doing a good deed, defending and defending faith and Islam, despite facing various kinds of challenges and temptations.

A person who has the character of istiqamah is like a rock in the middle of the sea that is not moved in the slightest, even though it is hit by a very large wave. Istiqamah is realized because of the belief in the truth and being ready to take risks. This attitude is mandatory for every Muslim. Istiqamah can help us to form attitudes and behaviors that are in accordance with Islamic teachings. Therefore, a Muslim must set a good example to anyone in everyday life, whether in the family, school, or surrounding community.

The wisdom of istiqamah behavior

Among the wisdom of istiqamah behavior are as follows:

  • People who are istiqamah will be kept away by Allah swt from fear and sadness so that they can overcome the sadness that befell them, not be carried away by sadness or not be afraid in the face of future life.
  • People who are istiqamah will get success in life in this world because he is diligent and tenacious.
  • People who are istiqamah, always patient, and establish prayer will always be protected by Allah swt.

Istiqamah behavior in everyday life

Istiqamah behavior can be realized through the following activities:

  • Always carry out Allah's commands and stay away from His prohibitions under any circumstances and anywhere
  • Perform prayers on time
  • Learn continuously until you understand
  • Always obey the rules, both at home and in the community
  • Always carry out his obligations with pleasure and comfort, not feeling forced or burdened.

Let's look at the following story

Muhammad ibn al-Munkadiri owns a fashion shop with various types of dresses which are expensive, ranging from five to ten dirhams.

Once when Muhammad ibn al-Munkadiri came home, the shop was guarded by his servant, when a shop customer bought a dress which actually cost five dirhams, the waiter instead sold it for ten dirhams. When it was known by Muhammad al-Munkadiri, he immediately looked for the buyer for a long time, when he met the buyer of the dress, Muhammad al-Munkadiri said: "My servant has sold the wrong thing, he sold you clothes for ten dirhams. Even though the price is only five dirhams.”

The buyer said: it's okay sir, I'm willing.

Ibn al-Munkadiri replied: "Yes, you are willing, but I am not willing until we are both willing. You choose one of my three suggestions! You take a shirt worth ten dirhams or I will return your five dirhams or you return our clothes and you receive yours."

The man replied: "Just give me back my five dirhams". Muhammad al-munkadiri immediately gave the five dirhams and then went home. The baduy man immediately asked, "Who was that person? "He is Muhammad ibn al-Munkadiri". The baduy man again said "laa ilaaha illallaah, this is the person we are looking for in the field of sahara there when we are hungry"

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