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Islamic Story | When Guests and Hosts Scramble for Respect


Islamic Story: When Guests and Hosts Scramble for Respect

With some friends, that day, Qais bin Sa'ad was on his way from Sham. Because of one or two things, Qais and friends finally stopped by a house. The house belongs to a husband and wife. Call it Fulan and Fulanah.

When Qais was visiting, Fulan was not at home. There is only Fulanah. And after asking permission (and being allowed), Qais and friends entered the house. Not long after, Fulan came.

Long story short, feeling visited by guests, Fulan took a camel to serve to guests.

"Please cut this camel to eat!" Fulan orders to Qais et al.

Without saying much, the camel was immediately cut, cooked, and eaten for its meat.

The day passed.

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The next day, Fulan's respect for guests was repeated again, in the same form: a camel. So and so brought them to be slaughtered.

"Isn't there still a lot of meat yesterday?," replied Qais, trying to refuse Fulan's offer. He did this simply because he didn't want to be a bother.

However, Fulan is also no less resourceful. Since it was meant to be respectful to guests, he replied with a very thoughtful answer, "We don't want to serve guests with yesterday's food".

So and then left his camel and Qais et al.

Fulan's treatment of guests was so respectful that it made Qais feel bad. He took the initiative to immediately resign and continue his journey.

“The longer we are here, the more and more Fulan camels will be. Therefore, we must leave here immediately," said Fulan to his friends.

Not to forget, he also asked his assistant to collect all the money he brought. The amount is four hundred dirhams. Qais also asked for the money to be given to Fulan in exchange for all the dishes he had provided. Qais clothes were also given.

"That money and also my clothes, please hand it over to me now!" Qais asked the assistant.

A moment later, Qais said to his friends, that before the Fulan arrived, they would immediately withdraw to the Fulanah. As planned, money and clothes were given. They said goodbye.

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In the middle of the road, Qais saw a horse approaching him.

"Who is he?" asked Qais to his friends.

None of the friends of Qais knew who it was.

As time went on, the horseman got closer and closer. Turns out he was Fulan. The arrival of Fulan made Qais feel afraid, lest the money and clothes he gave were considered lacking by Fulan.

"Take this!," said Fulan, handing over the money and clothes belonging to Qais.

Qais refused to accept the money and goods back. However, Fulan did not want to lose. He still wouldn't accept it. Also, he hoped—even forced—Fulan to take it back.

In the end, Qais lost. He received back the money and clothes he had given him. Before leaving Qais et al, Fulan said that he did not sell the dishes he had given to guests. This Fulan attitude really made Qais jealous and wanted to imitate him.

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In addition to respecting guests, one of the lessons from the story above is "relationships understand each other's position". It can be between guest-host, husband-wife, parent-child, teacher-student, government-people, and so on. All have obligations to the other.

In the host-guest relationship, as the story above, for example. On the one hand, the host is obliged to respect guests as much as possible, but on the other hand, guests must also know and be aware of themselves (not all of them).

Another example is government-people. The government is obliged to make policies that favor the interests of the people. Likewise, the people must respect and obey the existing rules (paying a plow, for example).

As a result, there is an obligation that one party should do to another party. If everyone realizes that obligation, then life will run well and full of justice.


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