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The dangers of revenge for the body and how to avoid it

The dangers of revenge for the body and how to avoid it

The dangers of revenge for the body and how to avoid it according to the teachings of the Islamic religion

Muslimcreed - Everyone has been hurt and hurt other people. And sometimes it's hard to come to terms with raging emotions and try to forgive them. In the end, the anger that has been pent up makes us hold grudges.

Not many know that holding a grudge not only irritates us and damages relationships with those around us, but also causes emotional disturbances that can have an impact on our health if it lasts for a long time.

What is revenge?

Revenge is a condition in which we want other people who have wronged us to receive retribution or consequences for their mistakes. Instead of trying to better manage emotions by expressing anger appropriately and then forgiving, holding a grudge makes us perceive the person as a threat that causes repeated feelings of stress or trauma even though the actual event is long gone.

Actually, by forgiving does not mean we forget someone's mistake and let the mistake happen again. Forgiveness is a way to train our minds not to constantly think of ourselves as victims and feel pressured by the wrongs that have been done to us.

A little bit, over time it becomes a hill. So the saying goes, and this also proves true to a grudge in the heart. Over time, holding a grudge affects brain function and overall mental health, which in turn affects physical health.

Dangers of holding grudges for body health

Here are some ways how holding a grudge can be bad for your health:

1. Change the composition of brain hormones

The brain is an organ that works when we think, communicate, and form social relationships with other people. This function is influenced by two hormones that are interrelated but can work opposite, namely the hormone cortisol and the hormone oxytocin. The hormone cortisol is usually released when we are under great mental stress, such as when holding a grudge. In contrast, the hormone oxytocin is produced when we forgive and make peace with ourselves and others.

Both hormones are needed and the balance between the two creates good stress (eustress) such as when working to achieve goals, and controlling bad stress (distress). The hormone cortisol is known as a dangerous hormone if it is produced continuously for a long time, because it not only affects the work of the central nervous system but also the work of other organs. Excess cortisol secretion also suppresses levels of the hormone oxytocin, which is necessary for emotional and social health, such as the ability to maintain good relationships with partners or other people.

2. Trigger an unhealthy lifestyle

Holding grudges is associated with various chronic diseases. Severe stress stimulated by resentment triggers a person to pay less attention to his health condition. A study shows that the temperamental condition caused by holding a grudge causes a person to be more likely to smoke frequently and eat high-calorie junk food, both of which are risk factors for diabetes mellitus.

3. Increases the risk of heart damage

The accumulation of negative emotions is known to be the cause of high blood pressure in a person, and this will be very dangerous for a long time.

Similar to the emergence of negative emotions, holding a grudge for some time can make us always feel depressed and angry, even more so, this repetitive mechanism can increase the risk of heart disease. A study conducted by the American Heart Association has proven that harboring feelings of anger and resentment can trigger coronary heart disease, which is preceded by conditions of high blood pressure and atherosclerosis.

4. Trigger disease with chronic pain

This stems from the notion that individuals who hold grudges are more likely to develop several medical conditions. A study conducted on a population in the United States showed that someone who holds a grudge has a 50% higher chance of experiencing painful illnesses such as gastric ulcers, backaches and headaches. Researchers also concluded that holding a grudge is associated with possible psychosomatic disorders.

5. Trigger premature aging

The mechanism of premature aging is related to the excessive secretion of stress hormones that occur when you hold a grudge to cause depression and frustration. In addition to emotional disturbances, the body responds to excessive stress by triggering premature aging due to changes in DNA chromosomes in the regeneration process for the formation of new cells, thereby triggering faster biological aging of organs in the body. Conversely, by forgiving, the stress hormone produced becomes more controlled and minimized so that the stress response process can return to normal.

3 Ways to Avoid Revenge

In Islam, revenge is a disease of the heart that must be avoided. In fact, it should not be the slightest thought in the human heart.  Feelings of revenge will cause many problems for yourself and the environment around you.

Here's how to solve it 

1. Forgive

Maybe for some people to forgive is an act that is difficult to do. However, a forgiving person is a person who is able to restrain his lust and Allah promises a reward for his forgiveness. This is stated in Q.S as-Shura verse 40

2. Dhikr and pray

If feelings of anger and resentment peak, immediately perform ablution and dhikr to Allah SWT, this will surely make the heart much calmer. This is stated in Q.S ar-rad verse 28

3. Behave well

Do not take revenge on those who wronged, but treat him with kindness. Then there will be peace, because Allah and the Messenger of Allah do not like enmity.

This is the type of revenge that God allows, said Gus Baha, especially for certain people

Generally, we know that revenge is a bad thing that religion ignores.

But Gus Baha thought otherwise. He said, there is a kind of revenge that Allah allows.

However, this type of grudge cannot be practiced by everyone. Only certain people.

This attracts our attention because generally we are taught not to hold grudges against anyone.

Gus Baha's statement was quoted by portalsulut.com from Wahyu Oscario's Youtube, Allowed Revenge, accessed on 7 March.

It is said that some mukims have the privilege of holding a grudge against the right person.

What is meant here is revenge against those who do not believe and do good deeds.

These believers have been stoned and tormented by the disbelievers while still living in the world.

So that when the day of vengeance comes, these vengeful mukims have the special right to see the disbelievers being tormented in hell.

The prerequisite for this kind of revenge to be allowed, is that the believer is stoned cruelly by the disbeliever while he is still alive.

Even the torture can cause the death of a kyai from Rembang.

It is the kind of revenge that is privileged by Allah SWT, said Gus Baha.

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