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The etiquette of hanging out with relatives and friends


The etiquette of hanging out with relatives and friends

Muslimcreed - Of course, we are very happy and happy when we have good friends. Your friends are those who can invite you to excel and move forward for a better business. You will feel lost when you are far apart and don't see each other again. That's the friend you'll need more than your own.

The etiquette and etiquette of hanging out with relatives and friends are getting a lot of attention and have been taught in the teachings of the Islamic religion. Allah swt commands us to be smart in choosing friends to hang out with in life in this world. Because the influence of good and bad depends on his friends and companions. In fact, we are often carried away and influenced by their good and bad habits.

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The manners of associating with peers according to the Qur'an and hadith, include the following.

  • loving each other
  • help each other in goodness and piety

Adab and how to get along with peers is to help each other in terms of goodness and piety. This is explained by Allah swt in Q.S al-Maidah verse 2 which contains the meaning of recommendation and prohibition not to provide assistance and help in the case of evil, sin, ugliness, immorality, hostility, and violations that are not in accordance with Islamic teachings.

  • it is forbidden to find fault, ugliness, or disgrace to others
  • manners of speaking
  • Should, talk to peers gently, with a sweet face, friendly, and likes to provide convenience to others.
  • likes to say hello to friends

In Islam, greeting and greeting is one of the human obligations among fellow Muslims. Greeting others is a social etiquette recommended by the Prophet Muhammad. Greeting in Islam is to say the sentence greeting assalamu'alikum (Allah's salvation be upon you). If possible accompanied by shaking hands for the same sex and to the mahram. For those who are not mahram, it is enough with a sign. Answer the greeting with a sentence or greeting wa'alaikumsalam and if you want to be perfected add or say the sentence warohmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Salam in Islam is a prayer for people who are met for safety, mercy, blessing, and protection from Allah swt. The pronunciation rule is for anyone who comes and meets someone or another person, regardless of age and position. This greeting will add to the familiarity and beauty of meeting and socializing with relatives or friends.

The things mentioned above are procedures or etiquette in association with peers. To nurture, look after, and strengthen with fellow peers. We should hold on to the instructions of Allah swt which are implied in His word and also the instructions of the Prophet Muhammad in the hadiths about etiquette and how to get along. Thus, a harmonious and loving life of fellow friends can be created in accordance with Islamic teachings.

The most important part in friendship is the creation of mutual understanding and harmonious reciprocal relationships. In addition to the discussion above, there are also etiquette or social ethics that we really have to pay attention to as follows.

  • choose friends to hang out and make friends with people who have good morals
  • good at selecting and sorting friends to hang out for the benefit of our world and the hereafter. Sometimes the customs, culture, and behavior of a person influence each other.

This prohibition of friendship includes the prohibition of making friends with big sinners and people who like to sin, because they do what Allah swt forbids. It is not trustworthy to Allah swt, let alone to his friends. Making friends with them will bring harm to our religion. Moreover, the prohibition of making friends with infidels and hypocrites, then this prohibition is preferred. We associate with them in the context of admonishing ma'ruf nahi munkar, it is permissible. And amar ma'ruf nahi munkar if it brings benefit (goodness) then continue, but if it does not bring any change to them, leaving it is even better.

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