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The danger of slander and the punishment that will be obtained



Muslim creed - In everyday life, we often hear people who talk bad about other people with the aim of bringing down their good name. If the ugliness is indeed done by the person, then the conversation is called gibah. If the ugliness that is being discussed is not true, it means that the conversation is called slander.

Prophet Muhammad SAW gave a stern warning to Muslims about the dangers of fitnah. Slandering someone is a great sin. This includes accusing others without solid evidence.

The Prophet SAW then reminded, people who slander, then his faults will be exposed, even if that person hides in the most hidden places.

Keeping the tongue is a matter that cannot be underestimated. Just because we can't keep our mouths shut, we can go to hell. Keeping the tongue in question this time is backbiting and slander.

Therefore, Dr Muhammad al-Hasyimi argues, true Muslims should pay attention to the words of the Prophet SAW when he was asked, "Who is the best Muslim, O Messenger of Allah?" He replied, "A person who is safe from his tongue and hands" (Muttafaq'alaih)

Muslims are encouraged to fight gossip. He protects his Muslim brothers who are not present when there is slander that talks about him. This is in accordance with the instructions of the Prophet SAW so that Muslims protect the honor of their brother from slander. If that's the case, God willing, he will be given protection by God from the torments of hell.

As for Sheikh Yusuf al-Qardhawi, people who are slandered or accused arbitrarily can defend themselves. He has the right to shout the truth, even Allah SWT allows for him things that are not allowed for others, in order to maintain his position in society and defend his honor.

Dr Muhammad al-Hasyimi, said, human weaknesses will not disappear by exposing people's faults, but by explaining these things to them in a better way, advocating obedience, and forbidding wrongdoing.

All done without violence and confrontation. ''A gentle approach that softens the heart and opens the mind at the same time.''

Islam forbids the occurrence of slander, the act is such a big sin, it is said to be greater than killing. But strangely enough, that this world itself is actually also slander. Even wealth and children can be seen as slander. So that means, slander is so dangerous and always surrounds everyday life.

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The following is a story from Prof. Dr. H. Imam Suprayogo about the dangers of slander

When I was still the Chancellor, one day I had a senior lecturer come into my office. It seems strange, once entered the room,. the lecturer immediately closed the door and at the same time took the key, and then put it in his pocket. At first I did not understand what would actually happen from the lecturer who behaved strangely.

Without me asking, he immediately sat not far from me sitting in the office. Furthermore, without starting any conversation and also I do not know the cause, he immediately burst into tears. After I tried to ask about the purpose of his arrival, he said a word or two, that he was being slandered by several people.

Getting the slander, he admitted that he could not stand it. He felt unable to face the accusations leveled against him. Upon his expression, I tried to calm his emotions, by saying that this world is actually a slander. Therefore, to deal with it, there is no other way but to be patient. Slander is natural. On the contrary, if there is no slander in this world, it is actually strange.

As another attempt to dampen the emotions concerned, I say that what is needed in living this life is so that anyone is not in a place where slander can arise. Knowing that an action or place is very likely to cause slander, then it should always be shunned. Don't let someone not want to be slandered, but always approach the place or sources of slander.

As a concrete example, someone who doesn't want to be accused of disturbing someone's wife, then don't get too close to the person concerned. Worried about being accused or slandered of corruption, don't be too bold in making decisions regarding the use of state money. As a writer, you don't want to be accused of plagiarism, you don't want to be arbitrarily when you write articles, books or whatever.

Slander is always everywhere. Almost in all gaps in life there are opportunities for slander to arise. Slander that exists at home, among neighbors, in the office, in the market, even in places of worship, is not sterile from these types of acts. The door of slander becomes wider when it is in the world of business, law, politics, and the like. To avoid slander, the trick is to be careful and don't get too close to the source of the emergence of slander.

Launching from various sources Oase.id, in Islamic law, there are several punishments or rewards for people who like to spread slander:

1. Will not be trusted and deserves to be punished

People who like to slander and are unable to bring witnesses, have the right to be punished with 80 lashes and the testimony of that person will not be accepted forever, this is stated in the word of Allah SWT Q.S an-Nur verse 4

2. Not going to heaven and the threat of hell

For people who like to spread slander, it is certain that he will not enter heaven. In addition, slandering will also lead us to the torment of hell. This is stated in the word of Allah swt Q.S az-Zumar verse 32.

3. Liver disease

People whose hearts are filled with disease are the reason they like to lie and spread slander. This is stated in the word of Allah swt Q.S al-Baqarah verse 10.

4. Bringing calamity

Naudzubillah min Dzalik, slander will cause disaster for anyone, until the people regret their actions. This is stated in the word of Allah swt Q.S al-Hujurat verse 6.

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