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Achieving success with optimism, endeavor, and trust

Achieving success with optimism, endeavor, and trust

Allah swt will test His believing servant to know the level of his patience. The test from Allah swt, can be in the form of pain, distress, hunger, and so on. The patience of a servant can be seen when receiving the test. If he remains optimistic and patient, Allah swt will reward him double. Every test from Allah swt is not to be feared, but must be faced with the best attitude. 

The best attitude in facing the test is to remain optimistic and patient. Every human being has experienced joy and sorrow. Both were created by Allah swt to test humans. The trials and tests that Allah swt gives to His servants can be used as a means to get closer to Him.

In everyday life, of course you have seen or heard of someone who is desperate in dealing with life's problems. They feel unable to solve the problem. Their minds seem to be dull and there is no attempt to find a solution. Many of them experience depression, stress, and even commit suicide. Desperation is a despicable behavior that should be avoided. Desperation causes a person to be far from the love of Allah swt.

As a student of course you have goals, are you optimistic that these goals can be achieved? You should have an optimistic attitude embedded in you. Optimism will increase enthusiasm and strength in achieving goals. It is not enough to just be optimistic, there must be a real effort to achieve these goals. After trying your best and praying, leave it only to Allah swt. Submission to Allah swt will make our lives calm and always grateful. There are not a few people who have bad thoughts about Allah swt because their goals or desires are not achieved. Allah swt is omnipotent, humans can only try while Allah swt decides.

Optimism, endeavor, and trust are commendable morals that every believer must possess. These three are the keys to success in life. Both in this world and the hereafter. Everyone wants to achieve this success. Therefore, it is important for you to practice these three noble qualities in your daily life.

In Q.S az-Zumar verse 53, Allah swt calls upon His servants who transgress limits so that they do not despair of Allah's mercy. An act that exceeds the limit means an act of sin, an act that violates the laws of Allah swt. Allah's laws and provisions have been written in the Qur'an and Hadith. So every action that is contrary to the Qur'an and hadith is an act of transgressing or committing a sin. Small sins or big sins that have been committed by someone must immediately ask forgiveness (magfirah) to Allah swt. Allah swt is most forgiving and merciful.

Allah swt will forgive all sins as long as His servants are willing to repent. It means asking forgiveness from Allah swt. Repentance also contains the meaning of regretting a sinful act and promising not to repeat it again, and following it with virtue, such repentance is called repentance nasuha (true repentance). Allah swt has taught us to always do istigfar. Why is that? Because it could be that we commit unintentional sins, both to fellow humans and to Allah swt. Can be forgiven by reading the sentence istigfar. But sin against humans is not enough just to read istigfar. There must be an apology to the person concerned.

Desperation from Allah's mercy is a despicable attitude, as believers we must always be optimistic that we will receive Allah's grace. The grace of Allah swt will be given to those who are serious about getting closer to Him. Every human being must have sinned and made mistakes, except for the prophets and apostles, these sins and mistakes should not make us despair of the grace of Allah swt. Satan will always tempt believers to fall into sin. After falling into sin, Satan will instill despair in humans. Sinners will feel humiliated before their fellow human beings and in front of Allah swt. 

Then he will dissolve in sadness, after dissolving in sadness Satan will whisper into the human heart that it is impossible for Allah swt to forgive because his sins are very big. In the end, humans will despair of the grace of Allah swt. In Q.S Yusuf verse 87 Allah swt emphasizes the prohibition of giving up hope from His mercy. Therefore, we must have an optimistic nature in facing this life. Everyone has experienced difficulties in life. The difficulty is not to be feared but to find the best solution. If this optimistic nature is embedded in us, then success in life will be easy to achieve.

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