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Al-Qur'an ; the noble book has 59 names because of its glory

Al-Qur'an the noble book has 59 names because of its glory

Other names from the Qur'an show its glory in Islam. As a guide to the life of Muslims, there is another name for the Qur'an which contains a lot of wisdom. These names cannot be separated from the glory of the Qur'an as a miracle from Allah SWT.

HunafaJurnalStudiaIslamika stated that the glory of the Qur'an according to the scholars is determined by several aspects.

For example, seen from the structure of language, the information provided about hidden events such as stories about previous prophets, and information about future events.

The glory of the Qur'an is also reinforced by the existence of another name that has a great meaning, according to the many lessons contained in it

One of the wisdoms of always reading the Qur'an is to get a reward and a lot of good, to get intercession on the Day of Resurrection.

Differences in Opinion of Scholars About Other Names of the Qur'an

In Islam, there are several noble things that have many names and were given by Allah SWT and also His Messenger.

In addition to Allah SWT and also the prophet, there are also other names from the Qur'an, Al Fatihah, and also the name of the Day of Judgment that comes from the Qur'an and also hadith.

Many scholars who collect and calculate other names from the Qur'an. However, there is no agreement on how many other names the Qur'an actually has. Some of them are:

Imam AzZarkasyi in his book Al Burhan fi 'Ulumil Qur'an quotes the opinion of Al Harali (died 647 H), that the number of other names from the Qur'an is not more than 90 names.

Imam AzZarkasyi also quoted the opinion of AbulMa'aliAzizi bin 'Abdul Malik, that another name for the Qur'an is 55 names.

Imam AsSuyuthi in his book Al Itqon fi 'Ulumil Qur'an also quotes an opinion which states that the name of the Qur'an is 55.

Sholih bin Ibrahim al-Bulaihi in his work Al Huda wal Bayan fi Asmail Quran, argues that the Qur'an has 46 names

Al Fairuz Abadi in his book BasoirDzawitTamyiz fi LatoifilKitabil 'Aziz, mentions that the Qur'an has 100 names.

The disagreement is because there are differences of opinion regarding the grouping, which is another name for the Qur'an and which is only the nature of the Qur'an.

Apart from these differences, what is agreed upon by scholars is that the name and nature of the Qur'an is tauqiffiyah.

That is, the name and nature of the Qur'an must be based on the Qur'an and the hadith of the prophet, and it is not justified to make it up yourself.

Among other names from the Qur'an are:

1. Quran (Reading / Collecting)

This name is the most important name and is often used by Allah SWT in many descriptions, for example in:

ا لۡنَا لَيۡكَ لۡقُرۡءَانَ لٗا

(Innānaḥnunazzalnā 'alaikal-qur`ānatanzīlā)

Meaning: "Indeed, We have sent down the Quran to you (O Muhammad) gradually." (Surat al-Insaan: 23)

There are many explanations from scholars regarding the meaning of the word Qur'an, one of which is from Shaykh Muhammad bin Solih Al 'Utsaimin in his work Usul fi Tafsir.

This means that it can be something that is read (reading), and also something that collects (collectors) which are collectors of news and laws of Allah SWT.

2. The Bible (Book)

The name Al-Kitab Allah uses in the beginning of Surah Al Baqoroh.

لِكَ لۡكِتَٰبُ لَا لِّلۡمُتَّقِينَ

(Dżālikal-kitābulāraibafīh, hudallil-muttaqīn)

Meaning: “This is the Book in which there is no doubt; guidance for those who are pious." (Surat al-Baqarah: 2)

3. Adz-Dhikr (Warning)

Allah SWT mentions the name of Adh-Dhikr among them in the letter Al-Hijr:

ا لۡنَا لذِّكۡرَ ا لَهُۥ لَحَٰفِظُونَ


Meaning: "Indeed, We are the ones who sent down the Adh-Dhikr, and indeed We will take care of it." (Surat al-Hijr: 9)

4. Al-Furqan (Differentiating)

Referred to as Al-Furqon or differentiator, because the Qur'an distinguishes between truth and falsehood. Allah mentions this name in His words:

ارَكَ لَّذِي لَ لۡفُرۡقَانَ لَىٰ لِيَكُونَ لِلۡعَٰلَمِينَ ا

(Tabārakallażīnazzalal-furqāna 'alā 'abdihīliyakụnalil-'ālamīnanażīrā)

Meaning: "Glory be to Allah who has sent down the Al-Furqaan (Qur'an) to His servants, so that he may be a warner to the whole world." (Surat al-Furqaan: 1)

5. At-Tanzil (Delivered)

Another name of the Qur'an is also listed in one of the verses:

لَتَنزِيلُ لۡعَٰلَمِينَ


Meaning: "And verily this Qur'an was revealed by the Lord of the worlds." (Surat AsyShu'ara ': 192)

The following are some other names from the Qur'an along with the verses that have been mentioned by Allah SWT, which were collected by AbulMa'ali Al-Uzaizi bin Abdul Malik in his book Al Burhan:

6. Al Mubn

Meaning: that explains; QS. AdDukhan: 2.

7. Al Karm

Meaning: Your Majesty; QS. Al Waqi'ah: 7.

8. Al Kalam

Meaning: words; QS. At Taubah: 6.

9. An Nûr

Meaning: light; QS. An Nisa': 174.

10. Al Hudâ

Meaning: hint; QS. Jonah: 57.

11. Ar Rahmah

Meaning: affection; QS. QS. Jonah: 57.

12. Ash Shifa'

Meaning: medicine; QS. Al Isro': 82.

13. Al Mau'idhah

Meaning: advice; QS. Jonah: 57.

14. Al Mubarak

Meaning: the blessed one; QS. Al Anbiya': 50.

15. Al Aliy

Meaning: high; QS. Az Zukhruf: 4.

16. Al Hikmah

Meaning: wisdom; QS. Al Qomar: 5.

17. Al Hakîm

Meaning: judge; QS. Jonah: 2.

18. Al Muhaimin

Meaning: watching and watching; QS. Al Maidah: 48.

19. Al Habl

Meaning: bond; QS. Ali Imron: 103.

20. Ash Shirath Mustaqîm

Meaning: straight path; QS. Al An'am: 153.

21. Al Qayyim

Meaning: straight guidance; QS. Al Kahf.

22. Al Qaul

Meaning: words; QS. At Thoriq: 13.

23. Al Fashl

Meaning: detailing; QS. At Thoriq: 13.

24. An Naba 'al Adhîm

Meaning: great news; QS. An Naba': 2.

25. Ahsanal Hadith

Meaning: the best words; QS. Az Zumar: 23.

26. Al Matsany

Meaning: repeated; QS. Az Zumar: 23.

27. Al Mutasyabih

Meaning: similar; QS. Az Zumar: 23.

28. Ar Ruh

Meaning: spirit; QS. Ash Shuro: 52.

29. Al Wahyu

Meaning: revelation; QS. Al Anbiya ': 45.

30. Al Araby

Meaning: Arabic speaking; QS. Joseph: 2.

31. Al Basha'ir

Meaning: evidence; QS. Al A'rof: 203.

32. Al Bayân

Meaning: explanation; QS. Ali Imron: 138.

33. Al Science

Meaning: knowledge; QS. Al Baqoroh: 145.

34. Al Haq

Meaning: truth; QS. Ali Imron: 62.

35. Al Hadi

Meaning: hint; QS. Al Isro': 9.

36. Al 'Ajab

Meaning: the astonishing; QS. Al-Jin: 1.

37. At Tadzkiroh

Meaning: warning; QS. Al Haqqah: 48.

38. Al Urwatul Wutsqâ

Meaning: strong bond; QS. Al Baqoroh: 256.

39. Ash Shidq

Meaning: truth; QS. Az Zumar: 33.

40. Al Adl

Meaning: justice; QS. Al An'am: 115.

41. Al Amr

Meaning: command; QS. At Tholaq: 5.

42. Al Munâdy

Meaning: one who calls; QS. Ali Imron: 193.

43. Al Busyrâ

Meaning: good news; QS. Al Baqoroh: 97.

44. Al Majid

Meaning: noble; QS. Al Buruj: 21.

45. Az Zabr

Meaning: Zabur; QS. Al Anbiya': 105.

46. Al Bashir

Meaning: giver of glad tidings; QS. Al Fushilat: 4.

47. An Nadzr

Meaning: warner; QS. Fushilat: 4.

48. Al Aziz

Meaning: noble; QS. Fushilat: 41.

49. Al Balagh

Meaning: explanation; QS. Ibrahim: 52.

50. Al Qasas

Meaning: stories; QS. Joseph: 3.

51. Ash Shuhf

Meaning: sheets; QS. 'Abasa: 13.

52. Al Mukarramah

Meaning: the glorified; QS. 'Abasa: 13.

53. Al Marfû'ah

Meaning: exalted; QS. 'Abasa: 14.

54. Al Mutahhaharah

Meaning: the purified; QS. 'Abasa: 14.

There are also other names for the Qur'an found from the hadith, including:

55. Hablullah Al Matin

It means the strong rope of Allah.

56. Syifaullah An Nafi '

It means that Allah's medicine is useful.

57. Al Murshid, Al Mu'addil, Al Mu'tashom, Al Hadi


58. Al 'Ishmah, Qoshimuz Zhor, Qishmatullah, An Naba 'Al Khobar, Ad Dafi'

It means barrier.

59. Sohibul Mu'min

It means friends for those who believe.

Hopefully by knowing other names from the Qur'an, there are many lessons that can be taken, and increase the desire to always read it.

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