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Educating children from childhood in Islam

Educating children from childhood in Islam

When God has entrusted the seed of a child in the womb of a wife, since then the role of parents begins. As a prospective parent, you must always expect a pious child. 

So parents should start trying and praying and trusting in Allah SWT so that their hopes will be fulfilled. Since in the womb the role of parents begins. Therefore, you can do it in the following way.

This is Parrent Educating children from childhood in Islam

1. Pray

Prayer is one way for parents to ask the one who created the child, namely Allah SWT. The first communication is hablumninallah. With the prayers of parents, especially mothers, the best prayers can be answered. Through prayer since four months in the womb when Allah SWT gave the spirit to the child in the womb, since then Allah SWT has also written down the destiny of human life.

2. Listen and read the verses of the Qur'an

Although in the womb, the baby who is more than four months old begins to perfect his body parts and has active hearing and feeling with his mother.

The results of research from Muhammad Salim published at Boston University, United States states, reading the Koran can maximize the brain growth of the fetus.

Reading the Koran by pregnant women can also help mothers stabilize their emotions and keep the womb calmer

Reading the Koran that is often read there are several letters such as Surah Al-Fatihah: for light-hearted and strong. Maryam: to facilitate the birthing process and obtain patient and obedient children. Luqman: to obtain intelligent children and intelligent souls. Yusuf: to get a son who is smart and beautiful in character

3. Saying the call to prayer

A child who is born into the world if a Muslim should sound the call to prayer in the baby's ear. So it's the father's job to announce the baby as a form of introducing Islam to the baby's hearing.

4. Give a meaningful name

When a baby is born in the world, there are things that bring happiness to the mother and father. Therefore, the father's duty to give a name is a very meaningful thing. The name with full meaning is the most beautiful name. The meaning of a name that leads a person to be more confident.

5. Saying greetings or sentences of monotheism

The words of a mother are the first to be heard by a baby, since then the little baby begins to follow what is heard. The sentence when you are about to breastfeed start with saying bismillah and hamdalahafter that. It can help stimulate the baby's hearing, say hello often when they meet. Then the sentence of monotheism like Lailalahailallah.

6. Maintain cleanliness

 Babies are born not much to do apart from crying. But the role of a mother and father is needed. Start by keeping it clean. Start keeping your child's urine and feces clean quickly.

7. Applying alms and sharing

When children begin to grow and develop, they begin to socialize with the environment. The role of parents also needs to be considered. Young children aged 1-3 years are taught to be willing to give charity or share what they have in things that people need.

8. Read the story of the Prophet and the role models

A 3-year-old child begins to like a story. So the role of parents is to provide a story that can be used as an example for children. The story of the prophet since ancient times can be a story that can grow the character of a better child. Can follow good things and good wisdom for children to follow.

9. Speak and be nice

Instilling good behavior will foster good character in children. Pay attention to the child's attitude by telling bad behavior and good behavior towards parents and friends or siblings. Say nice and polite things. Not affected by the environment with harsh language.

10. Telling dress etiquette

Try telling children how to dress for boys and girls. Apply in daily habits. Starting to follow the dress code for women by covering the genitals from head to toe. Take advantage of the male genitalia limits and be able to dress more politely, neatly, and nicely.

Clothing that can cover the genitals when done in daily activities can build good character in children. Bringing children to positive things and can help away from unwanted things. Especially in women's genitalia even though they are still small can provoke criminals and can be bad for girls.

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