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10 Effective tips for advising children so that they will obey and listen according to islam

10 Effective tips for advising children so that they will obey and listen

Being a parent is not just being a mother and father, but you have to be able to properly educate and direct your children to better things. Even the mother or father is better like a friend in the heart of his child. So that children can feel comfortable telling stories and sharing. Mothers and fathers can control the child but not restrain the child or dominate the child. There are some tips to be able to advise or direct as follows.

This is 10 Effective tips for advising children so that they will obey and listen

1. Look into her eyes

Children who always feel right can be given advice by their parents. With eyes meet each other and give good advice. It should be done from a young age to get used to that kind of attitude.

2. Using the child's name when advising him

To declare that the one being counseled is he whose name is called. It will be easy to absorb and respond to his thoughts to be able to obey or hear what his parents say.

3. Find the right time

If the emotional child always fights as a parent, try to give in and try to find another time. After the child is calmer and can be aware without emotions and cold thoughts. That's where parents can give advice to children. Slowly with awareness the child can obey.

4. Don't get tired of repeating the same advice

Humans are people who have forgotten. As a parent, never get tired of giving the same advice or repeating it. Reminding it is recommended in religion too.

5. Give the child a choice

Creating critical day thinking and developing children's abilities to be more mature or ready. Children should be given a good choice with a detailed explanation of each choice. The choice according to parents is good. Not too much daam give a choice can be 2-3 choices.

6. Touch the child gently

Children who love their parents usually want to be treated gently. With a hug or a hand on the head. With it can make children feel the vibration of parental love.

7. Be a consistent and patient parent

People who are examples for their children must be consistent in every word. The advice from the beginning to the end of the speech remained the same and did not change his mind. And have a lot of patience in dealing with children.

8. Give a child a gift when he hears good advice

Pay close attention to our children if they have any changes after being given advice. If there is a change try to follow what the child wants. Or can give a gift because the child has followed the advice of parents.

9. Be a good listener

Don't be a parent who always advises and gives orders, but get used to listening to your child's wishes. Give children the opportunity to be creative as long as it is good to follow their wishes.

10. Give punishment when the child disobeys

On the other hand, if the child is not obedient, try to give the parents a warning two or three times with a detailed explanation of their bad behavior. If you still don't comply, give him a punishment commensurate with his actions. The punishment should not harm the child but make the child think that his behavior is not good.

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