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A very mighty Battle of Badr hero

A very mighty Battle of Badr hero

A very mighty badr war hero

Abu Jahl managed to convince most of the Quraysh of Mecca to start war. After previously there were a few people who returned to Mecca first. Among the customs of the Arabs, before the war began, a duel was carried out by two people representing their respective camps. All of them are meant to ignite the fires of war and warm the hearts of soldiers.

Among the ranks of the polytheists there is one person whose behavior is very reprehensible and has a bad character. His name is al-aswad bin abdul asad al-makzumi. Al-aswad vowed to drink water from the oasis that the Muslims had ruled. With firm steps he approached the oasis and wanted to carry out his mission. 

Meanwhile, Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib was already at the edge of the oasis. Holding the sword tightly. Hamza looked at al-aswad and would stop him if he wanted to drink water from the oasis of the Muslims. Al-aswad began to approach the oasis with alacrity hamzah swung his sword at Aswad's arm. 

The arm broke. Al-aswad fell to the ground bathed in blood. But he was still stubborn. On all fours he tried desperately to get closer to the oasis to be able to drink water. Hamzah again slashed his sword for the second time. Al-Aswad was killed.

Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib has decorated his chest with oversized ink. He tightly gripped the sword in his hand. While another sword in the other hand. Ian advanced from the ranks of the Muslims along with other Islamic fighters. These Muslim soldiers have received a blanket of blessings from the Messenger of Allah who always protects and protects them.

After the killing of al-Aswad, Utbah bin Rabi'ah flanked by Shaibah bin Rabi'ah and his son Al-Walid bin Utbah advanced to the battlefield. They challenged the Muslims to a one-on-one duel.

Three companions of the Ansar came forward to serve the challenge of the enemy, both sons of al-Harits, plus Abdullah ibn Rawahah. Because I don't know who this person is. Utbah asked them where he was from, knowing that his opponents were the Ansar Utbah didn't want to serve him because he didn't want to seek enmity with the Ansors, and Untbah also told you they were no match for him. Utbah also cast his gaze on the ranks of the Muslims to be given an opponent commensurate with him. This response was welcomed by the Messenger of Allah by ordering his companions. The Prophet ordered Ubaidah bin Harith, Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib, and Ali bin Abi Talib. After getting an opponent commensurate with Utbah, he arrogantly said: "Well, you are comparable and have the right to be my opponent".

Ubaidah competed against Utban bin Rabi'ah, Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib served the challenge of Syaibah bin Rabi'ah, while Ali fought Utbah.

Hamzah managed to subdue and kill Shaybah, he even killed him using his own sword. Ali pounced on al-Walid quickly like lightning so that the enemy could not dodge. One slash of the sword managed to kill him and al-Walid fell to the earth bathed in blood.

While Ubaidah is still fighting with his opponent, Utbah. His body has been injured a lot as well as his opponent. At this critical moment, Hamzah and Ali joined Ubaidah. Together they fought Utbah until he died under the ground.

The end of the battle, which was won by the messenger of the Messenger of Allah, made the Muslims simultaneously chant takbir with a loud voice like lightning.

They immediately advanced simultaneously to attack the Quraysh troops who were still stunned because they had lost three of their heroes. A great war broke out between the two sides.

Hamza bin Abdul Muttalib is the hero of this great war. Armed with a sharp sword that flashed, he rushed into the middle of the army and hit anyone in front of him. On one occasion he saw Thaimah bin Udai bin Naufal. Without saying much, he immediately slashed his sword right at the enemy's neck. So that Thaimah's neck was severed and she fell to the ground.

The victims fell both dead and injured. Most of them are from the polytheists. Some of the polytheists who surrendered were also taken prisoner. The Muslims have worked hand in hand to destroy the symbols of disbelief, polytheism and misguidance.

Hamzah, Ziad bin Harithah bin Abu Sufyan, Ali, and Thabit bin Al-Jada' also attacked Zam'ah bin Al-Aswad bin Al-Muttalib bin Asad together until the enemy was killed. Sa'ad bin abi waqash joined Hamzah's side. The two of them united to kill Nabih bin al-Hajjaj bin Amir bin Bani Saham.

From there it began to appear that the victory of the Muslims was in sight. The ranks of the Quraysh had started to leave the battlefield after seeing that many of their heroes had died at the swords of the Muslims. Among the remaining Quraysh masters is 'Aidzbin al-Saib bin Uwaumir. He fought the Muslims alone. This condition is not surprising because he is famous for his strength and might. The movements are fast and powerful. Because no one can match Hamzah to serve him. Hamzah managed to injure and restrain him, not to the point of killing.

When the war was over, it was seen that the dust was flying in the wind due to the pounding of the Quraysh's horses who ran helter-skelter from the battlefield.

The Muslims gathered all the flocks after tying them with ropes. Hamzah gallantly walked in the midst of the ranks of the Muslims with his chest decorated with majesty.

Thus the victory was won by the Muslims with the permission of Allah swt. This is thanks to the direction of the Messenger of Allah. The will, determination, and full confidence of the Muslims also cannot be ignored. Troops holding the banner of Islam returned to the city of Medina with prisoners and the spoils of war.

Since then the Muslims began to stick the pillars of their religion and work together to uphold their country in the city of Medina. With the hope, from this city of Medina there will be a voice that glorifies God, the creator. Also a call to destroy injustice on this earth.

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