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How to increase motivation and get rid of laziness in worship


How to increase motivation and get rid of laziness in worship

We as devout Muslims are by carrying out orders and staying away from all prohibitions in religion.

The minimum sign of a devout Muslim is to carry out mandatory worship. If the obligatory worship is consistent and there are no holes, then it is used to continue with the sunnah worship.

But as creatures who are equipped with lust, of course humans will have a time when they are lazy to carry out worship.

One of the mass feelings that emerged was that it came from the devil so that the motivation to worship fell.

Therefore, Sheikh Ali Jaber in one of his lectures explained how to increase the motivation to worship.

Quoted from the video uploaded by Sheikh Ali Jaber'sYoutube channel, he conveyed things that were able to encourage the spirit of worship.

According to Sheikh Ali Jaber, there are three things that need to be considered to increase the spirit of worship.

"What drives us when we worship cannot be separated from three points or three things," said Sheikh Ali Jaber.

  • First, a person must have a sense of love to carry out worship either obligatory or sunnah.
  • Second, a person when performing worship must have a sense of hope for goodness and help from Allah SWT.
  • Third, the thing that drives people to worship is fear.

"Fear of being rejected, afraid of not being accepted, afraid of not being perfect, and afraid of being in vain," said Sheikh Ali Jaber.

"Is there any wasted practice? There is," he continued.

After asking this question, Sheikh Ali Jaber explained with the verse of the Qur'an, Surah Al Kahf verse 104:

اَلَّذِيْنَ ضَلَّ سَعْيُهُمْ فِى الْحَيٰوةِ الدُّنْيَا وَهُمْ يَحْسَبُوْنَ اَنَّهُمْ يُحْسِنُوْنَ صُنْعًا

Meaning: (That is) people whose actions are in vain in the life of this world, while they think they have done their best.

"Those who lose are those who come on the Day of Judgment, he feels he has done a lot of good," said Sheikh Ali Jaber.

This is the same with arrogant people, so that on the Day of Resurrection that person will lose. Because, when worshiping he is not for Allah SWT.

Tips to to increase worship

Therefore, in carrying out worship, everyone must be sincere because of Allah SWT. Because Allah SWT is the only place to ask for protection and goodness.***

As for how to overcome laziness to carry out worship, here we have summarized it for you.

1. Force Worship

Every time feeling lazy comes, force it to keep doing worship. Fight that lust, no matter how lazy the situation is.

2. Istighfar

By multiplying istighfar, asking forgiveness from Allah so that the heart is always given guidance to always do what Allah commands.

3. Dhikr or Prayer

By multiplying dhikr and doing the sunnahs, you will slowly get used to it and Istiqomah run it.

4. Leave Music

5. Read Al-Quran

Never be far from the Quran, read the Koran even if only one sheet a day.

6. Leave the nature of ujub

Ujub is very dangerous, don't feel that you have knowledge so that you are lazy to worship and seek knowledge.

7. Friends

Look for friends who are pious and sakinah so they can invite discussions about religion and remind each other.

8. Environment

Look for an environment that can be good, bring us closer to Allah.

9. Force it again

Force your heart and self to always seek knowledge, fight no matter how strong the devil tempts you.

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