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Bio of Imam Syafi'i, the Imam of the Institution with the Most Adherents in Indonesia

Bio of Imam Syafi'i, the Imam of the Institution with the Most Adherents in Indonesia

Muslimcreed - Imam Syafi'i is the Imam of the madhhab in Fiqh knowledge which is mainly complied with by Muslims in Indonesia. He is popular as the first formulator of the approach of Islamic legislation or mentioned with Usulfiqh through his book qualified ArRisalah.

Some various other popular Imam Shafi'i storybooks are Al-Umm, al-Majmu Syrah, Al Muhadzdzhab, Mughni al Muhtaj, and Raudhah al-Thalibin. To better determine Imam Syafi'i, the following is his bio drawn from Imam Nawawi versus Imam Syafi'i by AiniAryani, Lc.

Bio of Imam Shafi'i

The complete name of Imam Shafi'i is Muhammad container Idris container 'Abbas container 'Usman container Shafi' container Saaib container Ubaid container Abdu Yazid container Haasyim container Abdul Muttalib container Abdul Manaf. As among the clergymans of the institution of Quraish descent, his family tree proceeds with the Prophet Muhammad through Abdul Manaf.

Imam Shafi'i was birthed in Palestine, in the year 150 Hijriyah and passed away on a Friday evening after maghrib at completion of the month of Rajab, 204 Hijri in Egypt.

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Imam Shafi'i's Trip in Requiring Knowledge

Imam Syafi'i began his trip of examining by learning how to read, write, and remember the Koran from his mom, Fatimah bintUbaidillahAzdiyah. She is the most intelligent worship expert mom number.

After Imam Shafi'i was birthed, Fatimah welcomed her child to transfer to Capital. Imam Shafi'i was increased in Makkah by his mom alone, because his dad, Idris container Abbas container Usman container Shafi'i, had passed away in Gaza.

His smart mom led Imam Shafi'i to read and remember the Koran. When he reached the age of 7 years, Imam Shafi'i had finished the remembrance of the Koran.

After finishing the memorization of the Qur'an, Imam Shafi'i continued by keeping in mind the various kinds of Arabic rhymes and guide of Al-Muwattha tape-taped by Imam Malik.

He said, "I finished remembering the Koran at the age of 7 and finished remembering guide Al-Mutwattha' at the age of 10."

He continued his studies by examining with Sufian container Uyainah, a professional on Meccan hadith and a Tabi'uTabi'in dignitary that passed away in 198 Hijri. Imam Shafi'i examined with Muslim container Khalid Al-Zanji, a professional on Meccan Law and he was a dignitary of the Tabi'uTabi'in that passed away in 179 Hijri.

When he reached the age of 13 years, which is exactly in the year 163 Hijri, Imam Shafi'imosted likely to Medina Munawwarah to study with Imam Malik. He was among the scholars of hadith and law in Medina that passed away in 179 H. Imam Shafi'i never ever left the city of Medina other than after the fatality of Imam Malik.

When he was 15 years of ages, he obtained a recommendation from his instructor Muslim container Khalid to give fatwas on spiritual problems.

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Transferring to Baghdad

In 184 Hijri, Imam Shafi'imosted likely to Iraq to be attempted by Harun Al Rashid on charges of resistance to the Abbasid Caliphate. But in completion, he was launched on the recommendation of Muhammad container Hasan Asy-Syaibani that was called the best trainee of Imam Abu Hanifah that during that time inhabited the condition of Qadhi in the Abbasid federal government.

After being acquitted of the charges, he resided in Baghdad. He examined with Muhammad container Hasan Asy-Syaibani about Hanafi Law or the Ra's Expert Institution until he passed away.

Transferring to Capital

After the fatality of Muhammad container Hasan in 189, Imam Shafi'I left the city of Baghdad for the city of Capital and examined Fiqh, and gave a fatwa in the Haram mosque. During that time he started to pursue another institution of his own with his 2 instructors, specifically Imam Malik and Muhammad container Hasan.

Back again to Baghdad

After living for 6 years in Capital, Imam Shafi'i left the Divine Land and returned to Baghdad in 195 H. The instructions he returned to Baghdad to improve and spread out his institution.

Throughout his time in Baghdad, he succeeded in writing a book in the area of fiqh advice with the title al-Risalah and the fiqh industry with the title al-Hujjah or better known as the Qadim institution.

Some of his trainees in Baghdad were Imam Ahmad container Hambal, Abu Tsaur al-Kalbi, Abu Ali al-Karabisi, and Hasan al-za'farani.

Transferring to Egypt

In the year 199 Hijri, Imam Shafi'Imosted likely to Egypt to spread out his institution. Some of his trainees, while he remained in Egypt, were Abu Yaqub al-Buwaithi, Ismail al-Muzani, and Rabi' al-Muradi.

While in Egypt, he fixed many of his new fatwas or better known as the Jadid Institution which was listed in his book qualified al-Umm. He invested a duration of his life in Egypt until he passed away in 204 Hijri.

Wallohu a’lam.

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