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Love the world and forget the real life (hereafter)


Love the world and forget the real life (hereafter)

Almost all humans in this world love many treasures. One of the forms of property is money. Islam does not forbid its people to have a lot of wealth, as long as the property is obtained in the right way. In addition, if the property owned has reached the nisab, it is obligatory for the owner to issue zakat once a year. 

By issuing zakat means to rid oneself of miserliness and to clean property from the rights of others. It is undeniable that every human being loves this world, whether in the form of wealth, position or the opposite sex. Islam does not prohibit humans from loving the world, because this world was created by Allah swt to meet the needs of human life. Indeed, humans are not given the freedom to love the world.

Islam provides limitations that must be obeyed for the good of humans themselves. If humans ignore these limits, then the danger has threatened for humans themselves.

Do you know what the limit is? That is, that humans may Love the world, but not to forget the essential life. Then when is true life? True life is life in the afterlife, which is a second life after death.

Islam educates its people to have karimah (commendable behavior) and stay away from mazmumah (disgraceful behavior). One of the despicable behaviors that must be avoided is greed for wealth. The nature of greed for wealth has existed since the existence of humans. We can read many examples, such as qarun and sa'labah.

Nowadays, it seems that consumptive life is developing. This encourages the emergence of a life of love for the world if it is not based on a strong faith. Allah swt has reminded us a lot about the dangers of people who love this world and forget the real life (the hereafter).

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Love the world and forget the real life

Islam has stated that human life in this world is not an essential life, only temporary. People who forget the real life means too much in loving the world. Such a person means having a greedy or greedy nature for the world.

The definition of greed for wealth

The word greed comes from the Arabic thama'a, yatma'u, toma'an which means competition, greed, and too great a desire to get a lot of wealth. In essence, the desire or love of property is a human trait. But many people then love wealth excessively. This trait is called greed. This trait is very hated, both in the eyes of humans and Allah swt.

Characteristics of people who are greedy for wealth

People who have a greedy nature can be seen from several characteristics, including:

1. really love the property that has been owned

2. Too eager to look for treasures so they don't pay attention to the time and condition of the body

3. too frugal in spending wealth.

4. find it difficult to spend wealth for the benefit of religion and humanity.

5. pay less attention to social affairs because they are busy thinking about wealth.

6. crave the luxury of the world and pay less attention to the essential life, namely the hereafter.

7. all actions always tend to the material.

Prohibition of being greedy for property

Allah swt hates people who are greedy for wealth. Greedy people are always concerned with the world and forget the essential interests of life. That is the afterlife. Allah swt has explained that the world is only temporary. Even the world is described as a place of play and banter. This is explained in the word of Allah swt in Q.S al-Hadid verse 20

According to the verse, the characteristics of the life of the world are of four kinds, namely:

1. the game that humans crave

2. Jokes that make people forget true happiness.

3. jewelry that humans are proud of

4. a place to compete for wealth and proud offspring

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