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Terrific, This is the Meaning and 3 Benefits of Reading Surah Al Kautsar


Terrific, This is the Meaning and 3 Benefits of Reading Surah Al Kautsar

The virtues of Surah Al Kautsar have been explained in the Qur'an in detail and detail. This surah is a category of letters that can be said to be the shortest in the Qur'an with the number of verses that are only 3 verses.

Al-Kautsar is the 108th surah in the Qur'an, belongs to the Makkiyah surah in the Qur'an and only has 3 verses. Surah Al-Kautsar contains the meaning of extraordinary favors from Allah SWT.

This Surah was revealed to the Messenger of Allah for a reason, namely sadness. At that time the Messenger of Allah left two people who were very dear to him. Therefore, this surah serves as an entertainer of the Prophet Muhammad.

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The virtues of Surah Al Kautsar

1. Overcoming sadness

Surah Al-Kautsar will give a feeling of calm by eliminating the feeling of sadness felt by His Servant. By practicing this letter after prayer and Allah will give you many blessings.

2. Open the door of sustenance

Sustenance is one of the blessings of Allah SWT, by practicing Surah Al Kautsar then Allah will help open many doors of sustenance so that what is obtained will be more and more blessings.

3. Become more grateful

Practicing Surah Al-Kautsar is able to make us as servants of Allah swt to be more grateful for the more blessings given through prayer and sacrifice. Then with this we will be closer to Allah swt.

4. Surah Al Kautsar Can Make Family Relationships More Harmonious

Surah Al Kautsar is believed to be used to help make the relationship between husband and wife better, intimate and harmonious. The way to practice it is to read it when you perform the tahajjud prayer regularly together with your partner.

By doing it regularly, it is hoped that you can become a sakinah, mawaddah and warohmah family until death do you part. 

This is certainly very coveted by every couple, starting from those who are just starting a family or those who have been married for a long time.

2. Surah Al Kautsar Can Be Used As A Tool To Cure Diseases

Surah Al Kautsar can also be used in the process of seeking healing from various diseases. The method is quite easy, you can read Al Kautsar's letter when you are about to drink. Prepare a glass of water in advance and read Surah Al Kautsar.

Then you can drink the water immediately. Do this car regularly every time you drink water. His name is also ightiar, besides that you ask Allah for forgiveness and always draw closer to Him.

3. Surah Al Kautsar Can Make People's Hearts Softer

For example, when you are faced with fear because the person you will be dealing with is very fierce. Then you don't dare to meet him because you are worried if you get a scolding. Then you can read the letter Al Kautsar three times, God willing, the hearts of the people you will meet can soften.

Then in other cases like this, to face someone who really hates you. Every time you greet him there is always no response and he seems indifferent. Faced with this kind of problem, try reading Al Kautsar's letter first before meeting him three times. Then go to the person who hates you, God willing, his heart will be soft, because of the hard work you don't stop doing to reconnect.

4. Surah Al Kautsar can be used as a sleep wake-up alarm

If you have a habit of having trouble getting up in the morning and often oversleep, then you can read Surah Al Kautsar 7 times before you go to sleep. This is believed to be used to wake you up at the time you want.

It can be said to have the same function as an alarm. Just try to do it regularly. If you only do it once in a while, the fear will only be considered as a coincidence. However, if it is done repeatedly and in the end it often wakes up at the desired time, it means that it is true, isn't it, that reading Al Kautsar's letter can help your difficulties. And there is no longer any presumption of coincidence.

5. Surah Al Kautsar Can Overcome Excessive Fear

Sometimes that fear can come at any time without you knowing it. Just like when you are at home without being accompanied by anyone because your family has an event that requires you to be left alone. If you are in this condition and are afraid of things that are not desirable, read Surah Al Kautsar to calm your heart and eliminate fear that may be too much.

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