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3 Messages of the Prophet SAW for His People to Face the Life of the World

3 Messages of the Prophet SAW for His People to Face the Life of the World

Muslimcreed - Islam teaches its people to be visionary, not narrow. In the Qur'an, there are many verses that emphasize the primacy of the hereafter over this world.

However, Allah SWT also reminds His believing servants to keep looking for a part of the livelihood in this world.

In other words, fulfill the necessities of life in this world properly. Because, everything under the sky must have a limit. For humans, the limit that cannot be denied is age.

If the age quota has reached the end, any worldly trinkets will no longer be useful. Prophet Muhammad SAW gave advice and examples about the ideal way of life. Here are some of the tips:

First, be a traveler. Nomads are those who travel away from their hometown. Rasulullah SAW taught, a Muslim should understand life in this world like a traveler.

The journey taken will arrive at the point of return. In the Qur'an, Allah SWT states that He is the return of all affairs. So, it is appropriate that the age of a believer in the world is spent to continue to prepare himself as well as possible.

Because, when he is judged on the Last Day, his hope is to meet His love and pleasure, not His wrath.

Second, remember death. Imam Shafi'i said in a verse, "Death is sufficient as advice." According to Islamic teachings, death is not the end. It is actually the beginning of the human journey to the afterlife village.

Each person will only be accompanied by a record of his deeds. What remains is only regret and sorrow for those who are wicked, let alone disbelievers. It is assumed that the body can return to being whole and alive, so that it can obey Allah SWT.

Third, armed with piety. The colors of the world often make people forget the nature of life. In fact, this world is nothing more than a mere game.

Allah commands Muslims to be prepared for the pilgrimage.

Allah states that the best provision is piety.

Not only in the context of Hajj, but in ordinary life, the best provision is to remain pious!

A trip certainly requires adequate supplies. Traveling from home to work requires at least a gas supply or transportation money to go back and forth. Going back and forth, of course, there must be more supplies. Going to the holy land, the provisions in addition to having a lot of them are also complete, physically, spiritually, mentally and physically.

Well, what's more, this is a long journey to the village of the hereafter, the provisions must be prepared as well as possible and as complete as possible while in this world. And none other than that provision is taqwa to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala.

Allah commands His servants to prepare provisions for a journey, in this case the verse talks about the pilgrimage. Because preparing provisions for it is an act of avoiding needing the help of others.

In a hadith it is stated that the people of Yemen went on pilgrimage. They deliberately did not bring provisions and said, "We only put our trust in Allah". Then Allah said, "By all of you. Verily, the best provision is piety.”

They are forbidden to act like that, just surrender without provisions for the pilgrimage. But even then, they were ordered to bring provisions, such as flour, wheat and pastries (food supplies). If now, of course, it can be even wider, providing food, drinks, costs and other supplies needed during the trip. In sming, of course, is the provision of aqidah taqwa to Allah. Because with taqwa that will be able to solve various problems.

Therefore, Rasulullah SAW always reminded his people to be smart in dealing with life. The world is actually a charity field, a place to reap as much and as good provisions as possible. The best provision is only faith and piety to Allah SWT.

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