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The Angel Izrail The Slayer Of Life


The Angel Izrail The Slayer Of Life

Muslimcreed - Among the angels known to the general public is the angel Azrael the angel of fatality.As an animal produced by Allah SWT, there are many variations of angels.

For instance, as reported by Academia's research, inning accordance with "Saderiah", angels are not supernatural animals of Allah SWT but are just signs of human habits.

In this group's idea, anybody that can understand the idea of angels perfectly will certainly become a calm individual, also able to protect the life about him.

Azrael's name as the Angel of Fatality

Although popular with the name of the angel Azrael, inning accordance with an expert discourse by Prof. QuraishShihab, the beginning of the name isn't known because there's no legitimate information in the Qur'an or Sunnah.

Shaykh Al-Albani in his Ta'liq on words of Al-Tahawi specifies: "When it comes to the calling of 'Izrail as it's spread out amongst individuals, after that it has no basis. That consists of the atsar of Israel."

A Sign That The Angel Izrail Will Come

1. Ill

Discomfort can be through physical discomfort or psychological discomfort, which are the qualities of the angel of fatality coming.

Perhaps, the discomfort described in this situation is physical discomfort where there's a disruption or incorrect with organic problems.

If the body currently really feels serious discomfort or often really feels discomfort, after that it can be used as a genuine sign that fatality is obtaining better.

However, we must not quit on the discomfort because there's still a possibility for us to recover and improve ourselves.

2. Taking Tasty will

After that, the second angel will take the tasty preference of food from the mouth so that he doesn't want to consume anything although the food provided is very tasty.

3. The look of grey hair

Grey hair is white hair that shows up in older individuals.

However, nowadays, we can currently find white hair at a young age.

Among the factors is that life's problems are obtaining harder and harder to consider.

But, grey hair because of genetics can also be.

Aside from all that, we can make the look of grey hair among the indications before fatality.

4. Indications of 3 Days Before Fatality

Individuals that are obtaining better fatality will feel pain in the center of the temple.

If he feels indications such as this, it's better if he fasts so that his stomach is very little dirty and it will be easier for individuals that bathe his body later on.

5. Seeing Angels

The last sign of someone that will pass away is feeling cool in several components such as the navel, midsection, and throat.

Additionally, someone that will pass away can also see the angels about him.

message from the angel izrail

"I've laughed, I've wept, and I've been surprised and shocked."

"What makes you laugh?"

The Angel of Fatality replied:"When I was preparing to take someone's life, I saw him say to the shoemaker, 'Make the best shoes feasible so they can last a year.'

"I laughed because before that individual had time to put on his shoes I took his life."

Allah after that asked:

"What made you weep?"

After that, the Angel of Fatality replied:

"I wept when I will take the life of an expecting lady in the center of a barren desert, and will give birth. So I waited for her until the baby was birthed in the desert.

After that, I took the woman's life while weeping because I listened to the baby weep because no one understood about it."

"After that what made you surprised and shocked?"

The Angel of Fatality replied

"I was shocked and shocked when I will take the life of one among your scholars.

I saw a brilliant light appearing in his room, every time I approached him the light was obtaining more and more and more stunning to me as if he wanted to own me away, so I took his life together with the light."

Allah asks again:

"Are you aware that that guy is?"

"I have no idea, my God."

"Certainly the guy is the baby of the mom you took his life in the arid desert. I am the one that looks after him and will not let him."

That's how Allah shows one of His greatness. His knowledge and power cannot be reached by anyone.

Hopefully, it can be ibrah for Muslims that understand it.


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