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The cause of the heart becomes restless


The cause of the heart becomes restless

Muslimcreed - Every human being is inseparable from various life problems that occur, whether it is a mild problem to a fairly heavy problem. When a person is overwhelmed by feelings of anxiety, confusion, and depression due to problems, it is a fairly natural thing experienced by everyone.

It becomes unnatural when the problems faced for protracted are felt too deep which in the end makes the mind become chaotic. Not only thoughts, the impact felt in a person will also affect mood conditions that make him uneasy.

When the heart is not calm, there are many ways that can be done to avoid this feeling, one of which is by practicing a calming prayer.

Causes of Unsettled Heart

Before knowing what prayers are for calming the heart, first know the nature of the heart of each person. In Arabic, the heart comes from the word qalb which means something that can change or can be said not to have a fixed position.

Human feelings always change depending on conditions, maybe some time ago he was happy but soon turned into sad. It is not uncommon for the heart to be restless because it is human nature to be influenced by the atmosphere in which he feels. When the mood is not calm, a person tends to feel life becomes bland, eats bad, sleeps badly, and so on.

It is important for you to anticipate some things that trigger an uneasy heart. As for some things that cause the emergence of various unpleasant feelings in humans are as follows.

1. Many Sins

Whether we realize it or not, humans are creatures who are not free from mistakes and sins committed either through speech or through behavior. Sin makes humans overshadowed by feelings of guilt that make the heart feel restless and make life unhappy.

Ibn Qayyim Al-Jauziyyah, an Islamic scholar said that "If you feel that your life has become strange because of the sins you have committed, leave immediately and stay away from sins. The human heart is restless because of sin.”

One of the sins that causes restlessness in the heart is a lie. Someone who always lies in his words only makes his heart uneasy because he has to think of ways to cover up the real truth.

Once a lie, then he will continue to say not in accordance with the situation as it is because they have to cover it up with other lies. Moreover, according to several studies, people who are anxious and afraid will tend to tell lies to protect themselves and their own interests.

The result is the emergence of feelings of stress and health will also be disturbed because the function of certain hormones in the body will increase.

2. Lack of gratitude

Allah gives everything to His servants in the right amount, neither less nor more. When a person is given a trial in the form of shortcomings in life, it is simply a way to elevate his status.

On the other hand, people who feel that their lives are filled with advantages are a way to test how trustworthy people are in using their strengths. Humans sometimes forget these things even though there are many lessons behind the advantages and disadvantages in life.

Lack of gratitude for the circumstances that have been given by God makes people feel always lacking for what they already have. As a result, the heart becomes restless thinking about how to achieve all its desires. This is what makes humans unable to feel calm in living life.

3. Too Demanding

The next reason why the heart becomes restless and unsettled is due to the many demands that must be met in living life. It is certain that someone who always hopes that all his desires must be fulfilled will be restless, because his mind is only focused on things that make him happy.

Though he did not have sufficient ability to achieve it. As a result, people will always feel restlessness and restlessness in every activity, which in turn will interfere with concentration.

4. Too Loving The World

Excessive love in achieving something worldly triggers humans to be uneasy in living life. For example, the desire to get rich by any means keeps people from trying to work hard.

Humans will tend to do unjustified ways such as robbing, stealing, or seizing other people's property that is not their right. Another common example is the act of corruption by irresponsible individuals which indicates that they love the world too much.

The purpose of human life is not the world, but eternal life in the afterlife so that the more people pursue the world, the more they will lose the hereafter. Whereas in Islam it is taught that between worldly life and the hereafter, both must be carried out in balance.

5. Hope Not in Allah

Allah always gives what his servant asks for as long as he wants to work hard and pray. However, humans sometimes forget God when they have a desire and instead hope for their fellow human beings. When the expected desire does not come, humans will feel disappointed and hurt.

This is what is felt by those who do not want to hope in Allah, even though Allah will provide it. In fact, when he relies on Him for everything, feelings of sadness, disappointment, and anxiety will not be felt because they can be proud to accept the provisions.

Examples of people who do not hope in Allah are those who want wealth by misguided ways such as pesugihan or visiting shamans. Apart from not complying with the provisions of the Shari'a, these methods will only bring harm because their lives will not be calm.

There will be many things that must be sacrificed in return for what has been obtained or in other words, that is sacrifice. Therefore, the wealth that might be obtained does not make the heart calm and instead is filled with feelings of sin.

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