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The Characteristics of Hypocrites We Often Don't Realize Their Existence


MUSLIMCREED - Have you ever shared a secret that you thought was quite private to someone because that person promised not to tell your secret to anyone else? However, when you, who already feel safe telling your secret to that person, are suddenly surprised that your secret is leaked because the person you told doesn't seem to keep their promise to you.

Sometimes we misjudge people because that person's good attitude is shown to us. However, no one knows what he looks like in our absence. This doesn't mean we have to be suspicious of everyone around us. Sorting out friends is not an easy matter, but as intelligent human beings we are given thoughts and feelings so that we can guess which friends are good and who are not.

The circle of healthy friendships that exist in the inner-circle is very important because it affects our attitudes and behavior in the future. In addition, many healthy environments filled with good people bring a lot of luck and fortune. On the other hand, if the inner circle is not healthy, sometimes it will bring bad things.

Therefore, it is very important to be able to sort out friendships because good people will bring good things. To be able to avoid people who are not good like hypocrites, you need to know their characteristics so that when you encounter similar things in real life you can avoid people with these characteristics, you can even prevent yourself from falling into bad qualities. just as bad.

Understanding Hypocrites

Munafiq is a term in Islam to refer to those who pretend to follow the teachings of Islam, but their hearts actually deny it.

In Islam, hypocrisy is a despicable trait which, if done, will result in a major sin. Not only Islam, any religious background also does not justify the existence of this despicable trait. Hypocrisy is a trait that always says not according to reality. This behavior is a despicable trait because it likes to lie, betray, and break promises. This trait should be avoided because it is a liver disease. It is said to be a disease because once doing this behavior it can cause someone to do other bad behavior.

Its existence that dominates the hearts and minds of humans can make it difficult to get rid of hypocrisy. Therefore, it is important for us to understand the deviant traits and include hypocrisy so that we ourselves and others around us are not negatively affected.

If you look at the terms, the word hypocrite refers to the definition of someone who says he is good in front of people, but his mind doesn't match what he says. The definition of hypocrisy according to the KBBI (Big Indonesian Dictionary) is pretending to believe and be loyal, be it to religion or other things, but in his heart it does not reflect that. A person who is infected with a spiritual disease will be seen from his actions and actions that are not in line.

It is important for us to know the characteristics of hypocrisy in order to avoid this heart disease. The traits below are hypocritical traits that should be avoided.

a. Lie

Neither in the teachings of any religion there is nothing to justify a lie. Likewise with Islam. Any form of lie is still a lie. It is also very hated by fellow humans and also by God. Saying dishonesty, or saying something that is not true can be detrimental to many parties.

Once a person lies, that person will continue to lie again and again. For example, when a child lies to his parents, saying he will only go to the neighbor's house but in reality he is far away. Then one day the father asked why the child was there for so long.

Automatically the child must be forced to find new reasons to cover up the lie earlier. This will often happen over and over again and become an endless big lie. That's why once someone tells a lie, they get involved in a vicious cycle that makes that person keep telling other lies.

This kind of lying attitude can be detrimental to yourself and others. People who like to lie or lie are even able to twist the facts, which will later result in another bad trait, namely slander.

b. Broken promise

Another trait of hypocrisy that Allah hates is breaking a promise. People who often deny means that the person cannot be held by his words. This makes it difficult for other people to put their trust in people who never keep their promises. In addition, breaking promises will also result in harming others. A promise is an oath that is obligatory to keep.

If someone has made a promise, but does not keep it, that person is included in the group of hypocrites. For example, if someone has promised not to divulge a secret which is a bad secret, but apparently the person who made the promise actually told it to someone else. That's a sign that the person has broken his promise.

So he sinned for not keeping his promise and also sinned for spreading someone's bad disgrace which would eventually hurt the person concerned. Judging from this situation, it can be said that a bad behavior will be bad for oneself and others.

It is better for someone who is not sure that he can keep his promise, there is no need to make the promise himself. Because this promise is an oath that must be obeyed by law. Both our promises to fellow humans and our promises to Allah SWT.

In the Qur'an, Surah An-Nahl verse 91 explains that we are obliged to keep the promises that have been made, because we make Allah a witness for all our promises and oaths. Indeed, Allah knows what we have done.

Breaking a promise is the same as lying to God, then a big sin will be obtained if you don't obey it. This is the reason why some jobs that have great responsibilities such as law enforcement, DPR, MPR, the President and even the officers are required to swear in the name of Allah to keep their mandate in carrying out their work.

c. Betray

Betrayal is another despicable trait that belongs to the group of hypocrites. This person who betrays is the person who violates or destroys the trust that has been given to him. People who like to betray like this if given the responsibility and mandate will actually do the opposite.

For example, in human relationships such as lovers and husband and wife. If in a relationship the previous partner has promised and is able to love each other. But then one day one of the couples secretly likes someone else so he cheats on him. So that person betrays his partner.

For releasing responsibility and breaking promises that have been made. And hurt their partner. Someone who betrays like the example above will be very detrimental to others. Apart from hurting his partner's feelings, he also sinned because he had given hope to his partner but was denied.

d. Lazy When Doing Worship

After lying, denying, and treason, the most dominant characteristic of hypocrites is the tendency to be lazy in worshiping Allah, be it mahdhah worship or in terms of muamalah. Muamalah worship, such as helping others, they will probably continue to do, instead of getting the pleasure and reward of Allah SWT. However, it is limited to elevating the image in front of humans alone.

These signs of hypocrisy are relevant to the word of Allah in the Qur'an Surah An-Nisa verse 142.

The characteristics of these hypocrites in their hearts, they will think that worship is a heavy burden for them to carry out, even though it should be the creator of the heavens and the earth that we should prioritize. Compulsory worship does not take up 24 hours of our time, while busy with work in the world, we make it an important and main thing. Be warned, this could include being a hypocrite.

The Danger of Hypocrisy

In Islam, hypocrites are more dangerous than unbelievers. This level of danger is based on the frank nature of being hostile to Islam. The disbeliever who is hostile to Islam will openly declare his hostility, while the hypocrite declares that he is Muslim, but is secretly hostile to it.

Hypocrites harm Muslims because they intend to fight when they have the opportunity. Hypocrisy can appear in various fields of life, including in the fields of politics, religion, the press, and thought. Hypocrisy also appears in many types of work, including employees, entrepreneurs, artists, and athletes.

The comparison can also be obtained from the Qur'an. Allah conveys His word to the believers to deal with the hypocrites in just two verses. Likewise with dealing with unbelievers there are only two verses. Meanwhile, in dealing with hypocrites, Allah revealed His word as many as 13 verses in Surah Al-Baqarah.

Well, that's a brief explanation of the meaning of hypocrisy and its characteristics. These deviant behaviors are religiously prohibited and humanly not worthy to have in us. By knowing the characteristics of hypocrites that have been summarized above, we can use them as material for more muhasabah and a place for self-introspection. Even though humans are perfect creatures with their minds, they will not be able to be clean from escape and sin.

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