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The life history of the Prophet Saleh AS and the story of his missionary journey


The life history of the Prophet Saleh AS and the story of his missionary journey

Muslimcreed - For those of you who are Muslim, you must understand who it is and how many prophets and apostles must be known? Generally, the number of Prophets and Apostles that must be known is 25. However, did you know? In fact, the number of Prophets and Apostles around the world is in the hundreds of tablets! To be precise, there are 124,000 Prophets and 312 Apostles. A lot isn't it? Well, here's the question! Are you able to distinguish who is the Prophet and who is the Apostle? If you don't know or maybe forget about the difference between a Prophet and a Messenger, we will explain the difference between a Prophet and a Messenger.

As you know, the definition of a prophet according to language can be interpreted as a servant of Allah SWT who receives a messenger or revelation from Allah SWT. The revelation was sent by Allah SWT through the intermediary of the angel Gabriel. Now this is the important point, the Prophet received a messenger or revelation from Allah SWT only for himself. in other words, the Prophet was not given the obligation to convey these revelations or messengers to his people.

With the above point clearly becomes the thing that distinguishes between the Prophet and the Apostle. Apostles and Prophets are both ordinary people who were given revelations by Allah SWT through Jibril. However, the Apostle has a duty or obligation to spread or convey these revelations or messengers to his people

Literally, the Prophet was just an ordinary person like you. The difference between you and the Prophets is that because the Prophet received revelations from Allah SWT, the Prophet was given several advantages that became miracles as evidence of the greatness of Allah SWT. In addition, the Prophet was also given a very trustworthy nature to always remind the people or people around him along with their descendants. Why does this need to be done? This is done so that the next generation will always have good attitudes, traits, and behavior and always worship only Allah SWT.

It should be noted that the term Prophet itself comes from the word "Naba". The word "Naba" itself means "coming from a very high place". The term is very suitable for the Prophets. If Grameds did not forget or maybe did not know that all the Apostles can be said that they are prophets too. For the Prophet himself, they are not necessarily a Muslim.

What do you think, does the explanation of the differences between the Prophets and Apostles that we describe satisfy the visitors here? After knowing a little information about the Prophets and Apostles, we will discuss a little about one of the stories of the 25 Prophets that you and other Muslims must know. Curious who we will discuss this time? Yep, we will discuss the life story of one of the prophets named Nabi Saleh AS.

A. Life History of the Prophet Saleh

One of the prophets named Nabi Saleh AS is included in one of the 25 prophets who were given revelations by Allah SWT only for himself. According to the sequence, Prophet Saleh became the fifth Prophet who received and was ordered by Allah SWT to spread the teachings to worship Allah SWT. This was done after the event or tragedy of the annihilation of the people of 'Ad who were known to have lived at the time of Prophet Hud AS.

According to several narrations from scholars, it is said that Prophet Saleh AS had a father by the name of Ubaid. Prophet Saleh As himself was appointed and given a revelation by Allah SWT to become a prophet around the year 2100 BC.

Nabi Saleh's own gene shows the family tree of Nabi Saleh. The genealogy is composed of the initial genealogies of Saleh bin Ubaid, Ubaid bin Masih, Masih bin Ubaid, Ubaid bin Present, Present bin Thamud, Thamud bi Atsir, Amir beer Aran/Iram, Aran/Iram bin set Sem/Sam, Sem/Sam bin Noah.

With the genealogy or sequence as above, we can conclude that this pious Prophet AS has blood with the descendants of Prophet Noah AS. The origin of the Prophet Saleh himself came from the Arabs, or we can call the Prophet Saleh closer to the Thamud than his wife. There are several narrations from a cleric named Abu Dharr, saying that there were several prophets who came from other than Arabs besides the pious Prophet AS, namely Prophet Hud AS, Prophet Shu'aib AS, and the last one was Prophet Muhammad SAW.

Prophet Saleh became the next Prophet sent by Allah SWT after the Prophet Hud AS and before the Prophet Ibrahim AS was sent. Prophet Saleh AS spent his life by settling in the northern Arab area, where his place was in AL-Hijr. During his life there, Prophet Saleh AS became one of the people who were considered important there, Prophet Saleh AS received all the honors and was upheld by the Thamud, residents of Al-Hijr.

A glimpse of information about the Thamud, this people are considered to be very clever in all things related to sculpture. The preferred carvings are stone carvings and the most commonly carved by the Thamud are all stones originating from the mountains. Why is that? This happened because the location of the coordination of the Thamud was in the Hadramaut area which was located in a mountainous region. This has been contained in the Qur'an in Surah Al-Fajr in the 9th verse.

B. The Story of the Prophet Saleh's Da'wah Journey

As has been said above that during his life, Prophet Saleh AS settled in Al-Hijr where the Thamud was inhabited. This causes the Thamud to be the most ideal people to be the people who will be preached by the Prophet Saleh AS. The Thamud are people who fulfill their needs by farming, using the produce, being good at architecture, and taking care of livestock. It must be admitted that the skills of the Thamud in the architectural aspect need not be doubted because they are indeed very impressive.

If you don't believe it, it is said that there are many sculptures found in Al-Hijr. The sculptures are rocky hills carved by the Thamud into a building that is considered majestic and beautiful. The Thamud also built various palaces on a wide and flat expanse of land. The magnificent and beautiful building was made into a house building as the residence of the Thamud. The style of the building they use is a very distinctive style from the ancient Roman and Greek heritage several thousand years ago.

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