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The Meaning or Meaning of Lauhul Mahfudz and Its Characteristics Mentioned in the Qur'an


The Meaning or Meaning of Lauhul Mahfudz and Its Characteristics Mentioned in the Qur'an

Muslim creed - Lately, many people are talking about the meaning or meaning of lauhul mahfudz. Lauhul Mahfudz himself is actually very familiar in the ears of many people, especially Muslims. However, do you know the true meaning of lauhul mahfudz?

This article will explain about the meaning and meaning of lauhul mahfudz. Not only that, there will also be a discussion about the characteristics of lauhul mahfudz to the relationship with a mate or about marriage. Let's watch until the end!

A. Meaning of Lauhul Mahfudz

Lauhul Mahfudz is generally understood by many people as a book that writes all notes about destiny and events that occur in the universe. Lauhul mahfudz also has a awake nature and has existed and was created before the creation of the universe and mankind.

Literally, the term Lauhul Mahfudz comes from Arabic, namely the word Lauh which means a wide bone and can be written. Meanwhile, the word Mahfudz itself can be interpreted as being preserved. So, these two words can be said to have the meaning of a book that is preserved and everything that is written in it will not be changed or corrupted.

Lauhul Mahfudz himself has several other names, ranging from Kitaabun Min Qabli which means the book of statutes, then Umm Al-kitab which means the mother of the book, then Kitabbim Maknuun which means a preserved book, to Kitabbim Mubiin which means the real book.

In the Qur'an, the word Lauhul Mahfudz has been mentioned up to 13 times. However, the mention of lauhul mahfudz is not clear and complete, because it is only a brief explanation.

B. The Meaning of Lauhul Mahfudz According to the Ulama

1. Ibn Mandhur

As previously stated, Ibn Mandzur also said that the word lauh means a wide base made of wooden planks. Meanwhile, Azhari also revealed that Lauh can be understood as a plank of wood. And, according to what is stated in the Qur'an, that in the Qur'an "which is stored" in the Law of Mahfuzh." This can be interpreted, namely the Qur'an which is stored by the will of Allah.

2. Ibn Kathir

Ibn Kathir rahimahullah said, that which is "stored" in the Law of Mahfuzh. The interpretation of Ibn Kathir can be interpreted that the Qur'an is in the highest place and is protected from additions, subtractions, deviations and substitutions.

3. Ibn Qoyim

Ibn Qoyim rahimahullah revealed, that the expression "Mahfudz or the awake" most qiroat experts read it with jar as an attribute for lauh. This can be understood if in Lauhul Mahfudz there will be no demons that can enter. Lauhul Mahfudz has been determined to be protected from the actions of the devil, either to increase or decrease.

4. Then, some of the Tafsir books say that Lauhul Mahfud is the forehead of the angel Isrofil or a creature made of green emerald, or other than that. However, this opinion has no stipulation so that it includes unseen matters that cannot be believed. With a note, there is an opinion that comes from the one who gave revelation to him.

C. Characteristics of Lauhul Mahfudz

After knowing the meaning of Lauhul Mahfudz, in this section we will begin to learn about the properties of Lauhul Mahfudz which have been mentioned in many verses in the Qur'an. Some of the characteristics of Lauhul Mahfudz include the following:

1. Nothing is left or forgotten

2. All life in the world is recorded in it

3. All information about humans is recorded in it

4. The word of God that is in it will never end

D. Lauhul Mahfudz A Match That Has Been Determined by Allah SWT

Many people understand that Lauhul Mahfudz is a term used to reveal one's mate's destiny based on Allah's decree. Due to a decree from Allah SWT, no human being has knowledge of the truth of Lauhul Mahfudz, including the Prophet Muhammad.

In a book entitled Following the Ages Without Turning from Religion by M. Aqil said that a good man or woman will be met with a good mate too, while a bad man or woman will get a bad mate. But in the process of finding a mate, a person still has to make an effort and endeavor to get his soul mate.

E. The essence of Lauhul Mahfudz mate

Talking about Lauhul Mahfudz, of course, is not complete without knowing the nature and position of the soul mate in it. In this section we will discuss in depth about the nature of Lauhul Mahfudz mate.

Lauhul mahfudz mate is actually an absolute decision given to humans. As a destiny from Allah SWT, a soul mate basically has been written since 50,000 years ago. This means that before humans are born on earth, the destiny related to a mate has been written in advance.

Even though a mate has been determined in Lauhul Mahfudz, a devout Muslim still has to fight for his mate. A Muslim is encouraged to always try and strive with the maximum to get the best mate for himself.

In several hadiths, Rasulullah SAW has given several notes to encourage people to choose a mate well. The following are five criteria for a mate that must be considered for a Muslim, including:

1. Women or men who are good in religion

According to Ahmad Zakarsih in the book Measuring Kufu in Choosing a Match, in choosing a good potential partner, a Muslim is encouraged to consider his religion.

2. Loving and fertile woman

3. Good knowledge of religion and morals

4. The best decoration for a man is a pious woman

5. Marry a free woman

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