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Definition and characteristics of the polytheists. Are we one of them?


Definition and characteristics of the polytheists. Are we one of them?

Definition of polytheism

Muslimcreed - Mushrik is a term where someone then associates partners with Allah and is contrary to the teachings of monotheism which unites Allah. The word shirk itself comes from the word syirkah or fellowship, which is to associate or create a rival to other teachings other than the teachings or laws of Allah.

Shirk is also a moral that goes beyond the limits of the rules and is contrary to the principle of monotheism, namely serving, being obedient, consciously submitting, and voluntarily following a teaching or command other than the teachings of Allah. 

In Islam, shirk is a sin that cannot be forgiven except through repentance and leaving polytheism as far as possible. Polytheism itself is then carried out by following various teachings other than Allah's teachings and consciously and voluntarily a person justifies the teachings of shirk from the heart and puts it into action and seeks to uphold and maintain the continuity of the shirk teachings.

So group or sectarian fanaticism is divided from the teachings of Allah which is a big polytheism because it involves humans socially, including by creating groups or sects that are contrary to various sources of Islamic law (Hadith and Quran) with the aim of the interests of their own group and creating rules (based on the interests of the group). the group). 

This situation also causes disintegration between humans, if there is peace then what happens is pseudo peace, so that God's will for humans cannot be carried out because of chaos.

The purpose of sending the Apostles themselves is to re-integrate humans from a divided condition, back into a united Ummah in one Principle or Principle (Rububiyah). One power or Mulkiyah and one obedience or Uluhiyah. While these principles or principles already exist in this universe along with the Books of Allah that have been revealed as the source of all sources of Islamic law.

Characteristics About Mushrik

The characteristics of the polytheists themselves can be seen from how he worships God other than Allah SWT, with the aim of worshiping other than the creator, he also often obeys other than Allah SWT in terms of disobedience and equates with other than Allah SWT in terms of his love. 

For example, the behavior of polytheists or worshiping something other than Allah, while the behavior of the heaviest polytheists is worshiping something other than Allah SWT.

For example, in worshiping statues, tombs, stones, wood, or other objects, including humans. The polytheists also have the belief that these objects are gods who are able to create both good and evil. He also associates with Allah. 

Believing that there are creatures other than Allah who also has many of the same attributes as Allah is a polytheist behavior, besides making religious leaders as God is also polytheist behavior. In the science of monotheism, the behavior of deifying or deifying humans is also known as Ghuluw.

After understanding the meaning, know more about this polytheism through the verses of the Qur'an. Take a look at some of the verses of the Quran as follows:

1. Associating partners with Allah

As mentioned earlier, associating partners with Allah is a manifestation of the attitude of the polytheists. The polytheists themselves are placed in hell by Allah SWT. This is also in accordance with the sound of Surah Al-Maidah verse 72

2. Charity But Riya

The polytheists also generally do acts of worship with the aim of showing off or riya. In Islam this act is included in minor shirk so that the practice in it is then no longer counted as a reward.

3. Hanging Something Not On God

A Muslim with an idolatrous nature will say all matters to other than Allah SWT. This then makes them a people abandoned by Him.

4. Worship But Not for Allah

A person who has a polytheistic nature can also be diligent in worship. However, the worship he did was not solely for or because of Allah.

5. Loving Something More Than His Love To Allah

The characteristics of people who are polytheists or associate partners with Allah can also be seen from what they love. Generally, a person with polytheistic nature will love something excessively beyond his love for Allah SWT. In fact, human love is then only intended by Allah alone.

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