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Ukhuwah Islamiyah: Definition, Nature, How to Realize & Examples


Ukhuwah Islamiyah: Definition, Nature, How to Realize & Examples

Muslimcreed - Islam is a religion in which there is a concept of brotherhood which is better known to Muslims by the name of Ukhuwah. In terms of language, Ukhuwah means paying attention. Then, the meaning of Ukhuwah began to develop into brothers or friends.

Because the word Ukhuwah has the basic meaning of caring, then Ukhuwah can also be interpreted as a form of concept that provides teachings that every brother and sister must have attention between them. In this way, the relationship among Muslims becomes even stronger.

In general, Ukhuwah is divided into three namely Ukhuwah Islamiyah, Ukhuwah insaniyah and Ukhuwah wathaniyah.

Well, maybe you also don't really understand about Ukhuwah, especially Ukhuwah Islamiyah. Take it easy, no need to be confused about it. Because, in this article, a complete explanation of Ukhuwah is available, especially Ukhuwah Islamiyah.

Understanding Brotherhood

Previously, we briefly discussed what Ukhuwah is. However, at this point, it will be explained more deeply about the meaning of Ukhuwah.

The word Ukhuwah itself is currently more widely known as a word that has the meaning of brotherhood. Just like the previous explanation, the word ukhuwah comes from a root word which originally had the meaning of paying attention.

Judging from the meaning, it can be concluded that in a brotherhood requires attention from all parties who feel they are brothers. It could be that the attention initially started from the similarities between the brothers.

Because of that, the meaning or meaning of Ukhuwah also develops over time. The development of the meaning of ukhuwah is "every equality and harmony with other parties, be it from the similarity of descent such as from the mother, father or both as well as in terms of preparation."

When viewed in a majazi way, the word ukhuwah or brotherhood has a similar scope of one element such as ethnicity, religion, profession and also feelings. In the Arabic dictionary it is found that the word akh which forms the word Ukhuwah has the meaning of a close garden or friend. Therefore, many people interpret Ukhuwah as brotherhood or friendship.

Islamic Brotherhood

After understanding what is the meaning of Ukhuwah. Next we will learn together about Ukhuwah Islamiyah. Starting from understanding and various things related to Ukhuwah Islamiyah.

Ukhuwah Islamiyah has the meaning of scientific brotherhood or brotherhood based on the same religion, namely Islam. This concept provides a lesson that every Muslim in this world is a brother to other Muslims.

A Muslim must consider other Muslims as his brothers and sisters, regardless of ancestry, nationality or other considerations.

In addition, Ukhuwah Islamiyah can also be interpreted as a bond of faith that can unite the hearts of all Muslims in this world. Even though there are differences in the homeland that are far from each other, the language and people are different. However, because of this, individual Muslims are always bound to each other, thus forming a strong community building.

The purpose of Ukhuwah Islamiyah is to be able to realize brotherly relations which are marked by expecting the pleasure of Allah SWT alone and free from all demands and needs, both in terms of worldly and material.

Factors that can encourage the formation of Ukhuwah Islamiyah among Muslims are because they have faith and belief in Allah SWT. Because basically the highest level of friendship in Ukhuwah Islamiyah is solely because of Allah SWT and for Allah SWT not to achieve a certain position, get certain benefits in a short time or in a long time and not to seek material or Other things.

The existence of Ukhuwah Islamiyah can create a life that is so harmonious and peaceful between Muslims. Ukhuwah Islamiyah is a rule that basically must be owned by all Muslims.

How to Realize Ukhuwah Islamiyah

In addition to understanding the meaning of Ukhuwah and Ukhuwah Islamiyah. You also need to know what are the ways to realize Ukhuwah Islamiyah.

There are about 4 ways to realize Ukhuwah Islamiyah. Below is an explanation of how to realize Ukhuwah Islamiyah.

1. Taaruf

Taaruf has a meaning that is to know each other. It is not limited to physical or concise identity. However, through Ta'aruf, you will be able to know more about many things, such as educational background, culture, religion, thoughts, ideals, and life problems.

2. Tafahum

Next there is tafahum which means to understand each other's strengths and weaknesses. In tafahum there is also mutual understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each party. When in life there are so many differences. Ukhuwah Islamiyah already has tafahum, so all forms of misunderstanding will be easier to avoid.

3. Ta'awun

Then there is ta'awun which means helping each other. By applying this attitude of mutual help, of course, a very good cooperation will be formed.

4. Takaful

Finally, there is takaful which means to give each other a guarantee. Fellow Muslims must be able to provide a sense of security to others so that they can both avoid feelings of worry and anxiety. Guarantee here can be interpreted as help to someone who is experiencing problems in his life.

Islamic Brotherhood Conditions

To be able to enforce Ukhuwah there are several conditions that must be considered. Some of these conditions are as follows.

1. Ukhuwah should be accompanied by correct Islamic guidance.

2. Ukhuwah should be carried out in accordance with the correct Islamic guidance.

3. The ukhuwah should really be based on sincerity because of Allah and built on Al-Qiaran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad.

Those are some of the conditions that must be considered when applying the principles of Ukhuwah Islamiyah.

Benefits of Islamic Brotherhood

When fellow Muslims carry out Ukhuwah Islamiyah, there will be several benefits that will be obtained. To be more clear, then you need to know about the benefits of running Ukhuwah Islamiyah, as the explanation below can help.

1. Get the Sweet and Delicious Taste of Faith

If in this life we ​​run and apply Ukhuwah Islamiyah. Of course we will get the sweet taste and delicious faith.

2. Will Get Allah's Protection

3. Delivered To Heaven

Loving solely for the sake of Allah SWT will be able to bring about a faith that is so strong that it can lead to heaven.

4. Able to give birth to Noble Morals

Those who practice ukhuwah in their lives will also get noble character. Some of them are such as being friendly, loving, caring for the needs of brothers and sisters in the faith and being willing to give help to others.

Because it makes them get a comfortable, safe, peaceful and harmonious life without any hatred or company.

5. Strengthening the Power of Muslims

The next benefit of the existence of Ukhuwah is being able to strengthen the strength of Muslims so that they can realize the glory of Islam and Muslims.

Examples of Islamic Brotherhood

The last discussion is about examples from Ukhuwah Islamiyah. So that you also understand more about Ukhuwah Islamiyah, here are some examples of its application.

1. Performing the Five Times Prayer

When Muslims pray in congregation for 5 times a day at a mosque, they will get to know each other. This can make their hearts have a connection and bring a sense of love, unity of heart and loss of disconnection between them.

2. Help each other

With fellow Muslims, it is appropriate to have the nature of helping each other. We should help fellow Muslims to help each other and lighten the burden that is being experienced by our brothers and sisters. The existence of these actions will give birth to a sense of compassion and will strengthen feelings of sympathy and empathy for others.

3. Forgiving each other

Having the nature of forgiving each other is one form of the existence of Ukhuwah Islamiyah. The existence of forgiveness is also the most correct step in resolving a problem or dispute. By forgiving of course will make every problem will be easier to subside and resolved.

4. Stay away from immoral acts

The next example is avoiding immorality. Immorality is one of the causes of hostility between people. Some immoral acts that are prohibited by Allah SWT are like drinking liquor and playing gambling.

5. Pray for each other in goodness

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