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Muslimcreed.com - Thoriqoh or tarekat literally means "way". On the other hand, in terms, Mutashowwifīn is specified as the course taken by a slave for the enjoyment of Allah Subḥānahu wa Ta'ālā. However, there are also those who narrow the understanding of tarekat by specifying it as a course to God's ma'rifat.

Seeing the meaning over, it's clear that the meaning of thoriqoh is very wide. Thoriqoh doesn't just do dhikr or with various wiridan, but can also use various forms of worship that can obtain better Allah Subḥānahu wa Ta'ālā's true blessing that produced deep space. It can be through dhikr, wirid, sunnah not eating, sunnah prayers, ta'lim (teaching), ta'allum (learning), and various various other forms of great deeds.

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In its development, the meaning of thoriqoh is distorted (narrowing). Thoriqoh is just known as a self-approach with certain dhikr, so that just this type of tarekat is known to the public. They just know thoriqoh Naqsabandiyah, Qodiriyyah, Syathoriyyah, Tijaniyah, Syadziliyyah, and so forth.

To earn a method it's called thoriqoh mu'tabaroh or the official parish (concurred) to be exercised. The Thoriqoh must satisfy several criteria, consisting of:

  • - Have a muttashil chain to the Prophet alla Allah 'Alaihy wa Sallam
  • - Doesn't contravene Islamic legislation
  • - Thoriqoh concurred inning accordance with the choice of the congress
  • - The trainee has met the following requirements:

1. Grasping the scientific research of fiqh and belief

2. Grasping the ins and from Sufism

3. Have perfect morals literally and psychologically

4. Obtain consent/diploma for tabiyah from the instructor.

Amongst the thoriqoh mu'tabaroh (well-known) are those currently mentioned, but the essential tarekat is thoriqoh ta'lim wa ta'allum (learning how to instruct). This Tarekat began with the moment of the Buddies. There's also a team of friends that are remaining at the Prophet's Mosque which is known as Ashhabu al shufah. They are the ones that added greatly to tape-taping the narrations of the hadith taught by the prophet Muhammad alla Allah 'Alaihy wa Sallam. It was told from Abdillah container 'Amr container 'Ash, he said: someday the Carrier of Allah allā Allah Alaihy wa Sallam appeared to the mosque. He met 2 teams of majlis, specifically the majlis that discussed fiqh and the majlis of petition climbing up. He said:

كلا المجلسين إليّ خيرا أمّا هؤلاء فيدعون الله تعالى وأمّا هؤلاء فيتعلّمون ويُفقِّهون الجاهلَ. هؤلاء أفضلُ باالتّعليم أُرسِلتُ ثمّ قَعد معهم 

(رواه أبو عبدالله بن ماجه)

"These 2 majlis are excellent, this prays to Allah. While the various other learns and makes good sense of dumb individuals. They (the council that discuss scientific research) are more crucial. Because I was sent out to instruct people. After that he took a seat with the council of scholars."

The Koran or institution at the diniyyah madrasah, spiritual knowledge conferences, a type of bahtsul masail, clinical settings up such as this are plainly more crucial compared to wieidan, dhikr, or various other sunnah worship. As the expression of Sheikh Muhammad container Umar Nawawi Al-Jawi (Imam Nawawi) in guide Nihayatuz Zain Fi Irsyadil Mubtadi'in web page 359:

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"Buying oneself with various knowledge is more crucial compared to busying oneself with dhikr - dhikr or sunnah worship, although one is a layperson. It's better for him to attend knowledge events."

Imam Shafi'i said:

وليس شيء بعد الفرائض أفضلَ مِن طلبِ العلم

"There's no action that's more crucial after fard issues compared to looking for knowledge."

The merit of thoriqoh ta'lim wa at ta'allum can also be viewed from several viewpoints, consisting of:

1. The benefits of knowledge can be really felt on your own and the Muslims, while the benefits of worship can just be really felt on your own.

2. All forms of worship require knowledge, because worship that's not based upon knowledge will not be approved.

3. The heirs to the prophet are the scholars (experts of knowledge) not the worshipers.

4. Knowledge will last forever, unlike worship.

Thus, this takekat is very appropriate for us to do as a trainee as well as a trainee, make teaching and learning a worship so that every knowledge we learn has a benefit worth.



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