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Don't hurt your wife: An afterthought for husbands

Muslimcreed.com - As we all know that men are destined to be the head of the family. But that doesn't mean they are freely controlling, yelling, and abusing their wives. As long as what the wife…

Effective Ways to Relieve Husband's Emotions According to Islamic View

Relieve Husband's Emotions According to Islamic View "Dealing with emotions is not easy, but you have to be patient."

When the husband divorce his wife

Ilustrations Muslim Creed - Everyone wants their marriage to be harmonious, happy, and lasting until death do them apart. However, there will always be problems that characterize domestic life. Some …


By the Glorious Morning Light And by the Night when it is still Thy Guardian-Lord hath not forsaken thee nor is He displeased. Ya Allah Take special care of my Husband bless his mind and heart stren…