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Natural disasters are warnings and warnings from God

Natural disasters are warnings and warnings from God

For Sufis, Allah SWT is not offended by human disobedience, but Allah SWT will be angry and hurt if we pretend to worship Him and natural disasters are the soldiers of Allah SWT to destroy human arrogance.

In fact, the army of God is not only fully armed humans, but among other things, first,water. The water was the army of Allah that drowned the people of Noah (peace be upon him) because they insulted and abused His messenger. They are all dead.

Second, the wind. The wind was God's army that threw the Ad community because they were arrogant with the advancement of architectural technology. They are all dead.

Third, lightning. Lightning was the army of Allah who grabbed the Thamud because they were arrogant to challenge His punishment. They are all dead.

Fourth. land. The land is the army of God who devours the Sodomites for their depraved, homosexual and lesbian behavior. They are all dead.

Fifth, the heat. The heat is God's army who stabbed the Madyan community for cheating in transactions. They are all dead.

Sixth, the sea. The sea is the army of God who drowned the pharaoh and his army because they proudly claimed to be God. They are all dead.

Seventh, ababil bird. The Ababil bird is the army of God that has destroyed the army of King Abraha, when the army of King Abraha wants to destroy the Kaaba, they all die.

In all recorded history, the soldiers of Allah arrived after warnings from His messengers and defenders of religion were ignored. And in all recorded history, there has never been a victorious opponent of His messenger and blasphemer of His religion.

Floods that attack Jakarta and some areas in Indonesia are not only a problem of global warming, climate change, and mismanagement of development, but may also be a warning from Allah SWT, when many people neglect his teachings.


The year 2020 begins with disasters that strike Indonesia and Australia. Floods and landslides in Greater Jakarta, Banten and West Java claimed 60 victims and 2 people disappeared. The fires in Australia killed 24 people, as well as 480 million mammals, birds and reptiles. From this disaster, there is wisdom and makes people aware of the events that have occurred. Humans are not supposed to keep blaming, but must be aware of the wisdom that exists in the disaster.

A member of KMPLHK Ranita, Raudhatul Jannah said that natural disasters in Indonesia often occur because of its geographical location on the equator.

"It is related to natural disasters that occur quite often in Indonesia, because of its geographical location which is located on the equator, it is also located in the ring of fire area. This causes Indonesia to often face natural threats," he said.

He said that the trigger for the formation of a disaster was also because the vulnerability of the residents was greater than the capacity of the residents, so that when a threat came as a factor, the capacity could not cope and a disaster occurred.

“The flood disaster caused damage to facilities and infrastructure and disease. Raudhatul said, responding to a disaster depends on the perspective of the person facing the disaster," he said.

In Indonesia recently, natural disasters often occur, one of which is an earthquake in the Banten region. Why Was Banten Surprised by Partial Earthquake Today? Follow BMKG Description

Several earthquakes rocked Banten within 3 days. Recently, there was an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.4. The Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency noted that the epicenter of the earthquake was located 84 km west of Bayah, Banten, with a depth of 10 km.

The earthquake was not only experienced by people in the Banten area, but also Sukabumi, Cianjur, Bogor, to West Bandung. Previously, several earthquakes that occurred in Banten were also experienced in DKI Jakarta and spread to West Java. An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.7 was experienced on Friday (15/1/2022) afternoon. For BMKG, the earthquake originated from Sumur, Banten with a depth of 10 km. 


At least 2 small aftershocks occurred after the earthquake. The earthquake occurred again on Saturday (15/1/2022). The epicenter of the earthquake in 2 days was the same, namely in the Sumur area, Banten. The BMKG noted that there had been 32 aftershocks in Banten as of last Saturday, before the conclusion that another earthquake occurred this morning.

Then, why did the earthquake occur so many times in Banten at the same time? The Head of the BMKG Earthquake and Tsunami Mitigation Agency, Daryono, said that in the Banten area there are indeed many active earthquake sources. For example, the source of megathrust earthquakes in the contact area between plates and the source of active underwater faults known as intraplate earthquakes. com, Monday.

In the last 5 years there have been at least 4 earthquakes with the center point located near Banten, precisely in the Indian Ocean, south of Banten. On January 23, 2018, for example, there was an earthquake measuring 6, 1. After that, on July 28, 2019, there was an earthquake with a magnitude of 4. 9. Then, on August 2, 2019, an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.9 occurred, and recently an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.7 occurred on January 14, 2022 yesterday.

For Daryono, the earthquake that occurred in Banten on Friday was still located in the megathrust zone.

Daryono said that megathrust earthquakes can be interpreted according to the word that composes them. "Thrust" refers to one of the mechanisms of plate motion that causes earthquakes and stimulates tsunamis, namely upward fault motion. Thus, a megathrust can be referred to as a large upward fault.

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Daryono also said that strong earthquakes and tsunamis are natural processes that cannot be stopped, let alone predicted their formation." this model as a mitigation reference," he said.

The flood losses are certainly greater than the zakat zakat, which we may not have paid.

It could also be that our level of religiosity continues to shrink. God in conclusion pinches us.

The head of the Campus Da'wah Institute (LDK) Faculty of Da'wah and Communication Studies (FDIKOM), Muzammil Fatah said, calamities can be warnings or warnings for humans. Humans must also believe that God is the ruler of the universe.

"A disaster can be a warning to make people aware of their duties and responsibilities to preserve this nature, we must believe that order, balancing, and even destroying nature are characteristics of God's power," he said.

He shared the argument is the message of Ar-Rum verse 41 which contains humans causing destruction on land or sea. Allah wants this so that humans feel the consequences of their actions, and return to the right path.

"With this disaster, I hope that it can awaken people to return to the right path, and take care of the earth as well as possible in accordance with the provisions of Allah and His Messenger," he concluded.

We are starting to introspect ourselves, can many of our actions, our public policies, and all our patterns of behavior be categorized against Him? Try to observe how currently LGBT, corruption, Islamophobia and other matters such as celebrating the new year by burning money / firecrackers worth hundreds of millions while many poor people and orphans who have not been taken care of, blow the trumpet as if they want to forget the sad reality of unemployment and poverty and others. others clearly show what reality? The current flood disaster should be viewed as a warning, especially if the flood victims admit that this natural disaster is the worst compared to the past.

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