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8 Right Ways to Teach Fasting to Children to Feel Fun

8 Right Ways to Teach Fasting to Children to Feel Fun

For Muslims, fasting during the month of Ramadan is a must. Not only adults, children should also be introduced and accustomed to fasting. But what is the right way to introduce fasting to children? Come on, follow these 8 ways that will definitely make the fasting month more exciting and fun.

This is the right way to teach fasting to children.

Teaching fasting to children is certainly not an easy process. It takes patience and a few clever tricks so that children can understand and are invited to fast voluntarily. Teaching fasting can already be done to children aged 6 years and over, of course with different weights. So that parents are not confused about how to start, consider the following 8 proper ways to teach fasting to children.

1. Start introducing what fasting is in a fun way

Before inviting your little one to fast for the first time, you should introduce them to what fasting is in the month of Ramadan. Explain what it means and why as a Muslim you have to fast. How to explain fasting itself you can take in several interesting and easy to understand ways.

For example by using picture reading books. Currently, there are many Islamic children's books that explain fasting. Or it could be through children's songs that you can find on Youtube. From there the child will begin to understand what fasting is and its wisdom. Well, if your little one has started to understand the concept of fasting, they will also be enthusiastic about it.

2. Invite children to learn to fast without coercion

If your little one is now 6 years old and you think it's time for your child to start fasting, remember never to use force. Avoid coercion that makes the child uncomfortable and feels forced to live it. For example, teach children to start their first fast when they have received understanding and education about the meaning of fasting.

Avoid forcibly ordering children. Especially if you only want your child to start fasting without providing sufficient knowledge and understanding. If forced, the child will not get the true meaning of fasting.

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3. Can be started from fasting with a short period of time then gradually

When your child is going to fast for the first time, try asking how much he wants to do it. For them, of course, not all children will immediately be able to fast for a full day. It can be started by fasting until 10 am and then half a day or 12 noon, then gradually until the child wants to increase his fasting hours.

In a gradual way will not make the child surprised and hard to run it. Or it could also be started by fasting from the food he likes the most, such as his favorite snacks.

4. Give gifts to increase children's enthusiasm

When the child is willing to try new things and he tries, it is better to give the child a positive appreciation. One of them is by giving attractive prizes. In this way, the child will be more enthusiastic and feel valued. Gifts for children are a powerful way to motivate them to be even more active.

You can also make an agreement at the beginning if your little one can reach the set target, the little one will get a prize. This method will make children excited to undergo their first fast and will become beautiful memories when the brand is big later.

5. Prepare his favorite menu which is also healthy

This one method can also be a way to make your little one excited when running sahoor and breaking the fast. So that the child's fasting spirit, don't forget to prepare your little one's favorite menu. This will make it easier for the child to wake up at dawn. Meanwhile, at the time of breaking the fast, you should invite children to prepare food for breaking the fast. For example, for sweet drinks and snacks, don't forget to prepare what your child likes.

By providing support in the form of their favorite food menu, your little one will be happier running it. And he will also feel very supported for his efforts.

6. Invite children to participate in routines in the month of Ramadan

In addition to fasting in the sense of not eating and drinking, there are several series of activities that are carried out during the month of fasting. For example, by performing the 5 daily prayers, reading the Koran, praying tarawih in the mosque, and giving alms to people in need.

Of the many activities, it is better to start involving your little one in carrying it out. That way the child will slowly begin to realize the meaning and meaning of fasting. But don't forget to avoid forcing children. As much as possible describe interesting things about the activity so that the child will be interested in participating in it.

7. Invite them to do fun waiting for iftar activities

Try introducing children to waiting for iftart activities, where he can do the things he wants to spend time waiting to break his fast. Explain that by doing fun and positive waiting for iftart activities, he will forget his thirst and hunger, and time will pass quickly.

Parents can invite their children to waiting for iftar by playing together in the house, or playing with friends from the same complex or neighboring children who are the same age. If not, the child can also be invited to make an easy and safe open menu for him. For example, asking what you want to open it with, then the child will make it together. That way, children will feel that when fasting they can have a more special and fun time with their parents, siblings, brothers or friends.

8. Don't forget to document interesting things when running your first fast

This one activity must be done as a keepsake of your little one's precious moments. Because a child's childhood cannot be repeated, so don't miss this happy moment without capturing it.

Come on, start introducing fasting to children from now on.

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