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When Visiting Friends Who Are Sick, Do These 7 Things!


Hearing a friend is sick, usually we will rush to visit him. Do you often do that too, Bela? The impression may be trivial and simple, but visiting a friend or relative who is sick is also ethical, whether it's at home or in the hospital. There are many things you should pay attention to. Don't let your noble intention to come there at night have an unpleasant impact on the sick patient.

According to several studies, visiting friends can reduce stress in postoperative patients and reduce inflammation more quickly. Thus, it can reduce pain and heal faster. But what you need to know, it turns out that bringing a variety of food, books, and lingering in the patient's room is not a wise move either. Pay close attention to the 7 ethics below, yes!

1. Let me know first about your arrival

This is the first etiquette when visiting sick people, ask the willingness of the patient you are going to visit. Can they be visited and happy with your arrival or even choose to rest without being disturbed. If it turns out that they are not willing, don't ever force it. 

Who knows your friend just wants to rest because too many people have come to visit and are tired.

2. Limit visiting time

The purpose of your visit is to show concern and support for your sick friend to recover quickly, not to talk about things that shouldn't be the focus of a sick person. So you should limit your visiting time, a maximum of only 30 minutes. This is done so that your visit does not interfere with their rest time and so that the patient's energy does not run out to welcome guests.

3. Don't bring a lot of people

This is also something that must be ensured, especially when visiting the hospital. Because, if you bring too many people, it is feared that you will disturb your friend who is sick or even other patients who want to rest. In addition, you have to think carefully about bringing a small child to the hospital. 

Find out first, whether the hospital allows it and ask what illness your friend is sick with. The goal is to avoid transmitting the disease to children.

4. Sit near the patient

This is also included in the procedure for visiting the sick, namely sitting close to the patient. Try to keep your position near the head of your friend who is sick. This attitude shows that you really want to come visit and are not worried about contracting the disease. 

Unless there is an appeal from the hospital or the patient's family not to be too close to the patient, then you don't need to do it.

5. Consider when choosing a souvenir

Bringing souvenirs or gifts when visiting the sick has become a culture in Indonesia. Well, before you decide what to bring, it's better to first find out the history of the disease. Adjust what you bring with the patient's health condition. 

For example, when visiting friends or relatives who have diabetes, you should avoid bringing souvenirs that contain high levels of sugar or carbohydrates such as cakes. Usually gifts in the form of collective money are needed more than food

6. No need to talk about illness if he doesn't tell

There are quite a number of people who choose to keep their medical history to themselves and don't want to talk at length about their body condition. 

That's why, if there are no stories that come out from the patient's family, you should not ask about the illness he is suffering from. In the medical world itself, the history of the disease is the absolute right of the patient and the patient has the right not to tell it to anyone, even his close family. Be careful and don't get me wrong!

7. Never scare her

"Last week there was a neighbor of mine who was sick like you, then the next day he died you know." Never say anything like this or anything like that. This action is absolutely not allowed. 

Those who are sick are in need of encouragement to get well soon. If what you do is scare him, then it will only add to his burden and will not heal. You don't want this to happen, do you?

So, now you understand, Bela, if it turns out that visiting a sick person can't be careless? Don't forget to give them encouragement and motivation so they can recover as soon as possible.

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