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Halal Deeds That God Really Hates


Halal Deeds That God Really Hates

Domestic life that can no longer be maintained by a married couple usually ends in divorce.

While in Islam, divorce is known as talak.

TAFSIR Al Misbah episode 27 begins the discussion of a new surah, namely Surah At-Talaq. The Surah which consists of 12 verses includes Surah Madaniyah, which was revealed when the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) migrated to Medina.

This surah is also called the Surah Annisa Assugra or the short female surah, because it discusses a lot about husband and wife relationships and women's rights clearly. The first verse of this surah discusses talak or divorce which must be carried out according to the provisions of Allah SWT. It is stated that Allah commanded the Prophet and his Messenger if he was forced to divorce his wives, they must be divorced when they are in a state of purity (not menstruating). 

Allah ordered it to be conveyed again and taught later to the people of the Prophet Muhammad. Almost all scholars agree, none of the prophets and apostles ever divorced their wives, because prophets and apostles are role models and lords of mankind who are exemplary in nature.

Divorce is a trait that is very hated by Allah SWT which is only allowed to be done in a very forced situation. This verse was revealed in connection with the incident concerning the son of Sayyidina Umar RA who divorced his wife during menstruation. 

Then, Umar asked the Prophet Muhammad, from that this verse came down to him about how it should be when forced to divorce his wife, not being ordered while he was menstruating, he also asked Umar's son to reconcile with his wife first, waiting for the purity of menstruation. Why is it forbidden during menstruation? Because menstruation is a period of disturbance, not only physically, but also psychologically, it can become abnormal. 

Therefore, husbands must be aware that if there is a mistake against a wife, don't be angry even if you can't, wait under normal circumstances and then be forced to divorce. When you know the period of menstruation, then fear Allah SWT, in fact there may be goodness that Allah has given.

 Therefore, stay pious, Allah will give you the best way out and be given sustenance from other places. So again, this is a beautiful guide. Something that is lawful, but Allah hates the most is divorce. However, humans are not all the same. 

This is an urgent human need and must be used as a solution if every effort has been made to reconcile the two. So, keep showing respect, keep showing how important positive attitudes towards family, towards marriage. That also includes the main guidance, when the Koran talks about divorce. There is a record of women's rights that must continue to be respected in various situations.

Actually, divorce is the right of the husband, which means that the wife cannot break away from the ma Divorce (talāq) comes from the word itlāg, which means to let go, to divorce, or to leave.

Meanwhile, according to the term, talak means breaking the ties of marriage or dissolving marital relations carried out by the husband.

1. Talaq raj'i

This divorce is a divorce that occurs if a husband may return to his ex-wife without requiring a re-marriage tajdidun as long as his iddah has not expired (ruju) or may remarry to his ex-wife if her iddah has expired.

This divorce includes "talak one" and "divorce two", this is explained in the Word of Allah SWT QS Al-Baqarah verse 229

2. Talaq bāʻin

This divorce is talak which does not allow (haram) a husband not to reconcile or remarry to his ex-wife, except if his ex-wife remarried to another man, then divorced by her second husband, then the first ex-husband may marry her again. .

Talāq bāʻin is "three divorces", this is explained in the Word of Allah SWT QS Al-Baqarah verse 230.rriage bond if it is not imposed by the husband.

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