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How to Clean the Heart-Based upon Islamic Teachings

How to Clean the Heart-Based upon Islamic Teachings

The heart is a representation of all human activities. Therefore, the tidiness of the heart is an outright point that needs to be maintained by everybody. If an individual can maintain his heart clean, he will avoid several heart illnesses such as envy, envy, incitement, slander, and dishonesty.

The liver illness over can cause various sins disobedience and cause spots in the heart. Where the discolorcan impede the resulting Allah's help.

Imam Al Ghazali in the guide Real Ways to Accelerate God's Help by M. Syafe'ie el-Bantani discussed, that the heart has an instinct called An-Nur Al-ilahi or magnificent light and Al bashirah Al-Bathiniyah which means the internal eye that radiates belief and reality.

When the heart functions properly, human life becomes great and according to its initial nature. So, a thinking Muslim should clean his heart from the spots that come from transgression and immorality.

After that, how to clean the heart?

Estimated to the guide Tips to Clean the Heart from Dust and Disobedience by Ibn Qayyim al-Jauzah, the way to clean the heart is to repent to Allah. The repentance approved by Allah is repentance of nausea, specifically by recognizing all mistakes, being sorry for them, asking Allah for mercy, promising not to duplicate them again, and shutting them by doing pious deeds.

The regulation to repent to Allah is discussed in the letter At-Tahrim verse 8, which reads:

"O you that think, repent to Allah with the purest repentance, hopefully, your Lord will cover your mistakes and confess you to Heaven." (Surat At-Tahrim: 8)

Atoning for sins and immorality by doing great deeds is an indication that an individual has been sorry for his activities. Estimated to the guide Real Ways to Accelerate Allah's Help, the Prophet highlighted this in the following hadith:

"Fear Allah anywhere you're and go along with bad deeds with great deeds, after that the great will remove them, and make friends with individuals that have great morals." (HR. Tirmidhi)

From the over hadith it can be seen that someone that desires to clean his heart needs to do pious deeds so that sins are forgiven by Allah SWT. One of the most useful practices for cleaning the heart is the one done istiqomah.

This is based upon the hadith told by Imam Muslims and Ahmad, which was estimated from the guide My Heart of Paradise by Hamza Yusuf.

Rasulullah SAW said: "The best practice is one that's done continuously, also if it's small." (Told by Muslim and Ahmad)

Still from the same resource, the methods that can clean the heart based upon Islamic teachings consist of the solemn petition, dhikr to keep in mind Allah SWT, reading the divine Qur'an, not eating sunnah, giving charity, remaining in contact, and flexible the mistakes of others.

If a person's heart is clean although problems and problems come consistently, Allah's help will constantly come. Additionally, the tidiness of the heart will affect one's mind to be more innovative and efficient in living everyday life.

Wallohu a’lam ...

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