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O people, look at your heart!!


O people, look at your heart!!

Muslim creed - So the heart is like a king who moves the body to do its deeds, if the heart is a good heart then the whole body will be moved to do good things, while if the heart is a bad heart then of course it will also bring the body to do good things. the bad one. The heart is the main thing to improve humans, if someone wants to improve himself then he should first fix his heart!!!

Know, this heart is the driving force for the whole body, it is the axis for the achievement of all means in the realization of actions. The heart is like a commander who pumps his troops against the enemy or weakens them so that they retreat from the battlefield. Because the heart is characterized by the nature of life and death, it is also divided into three criteria, namely a dead heart, a sick heart and a healthy heart.

1. Healthy Heart

Namely a heart that is safe, a heart that is monotheistic (oneness of Allah in every worship), where a person will not be safe in the hereafter unless he comes with this heart.

A healthy heart is defined as a heart that is free from every lust, safe from every desire that is contrary to Allah's commands, safe from every syubhat (confusions in thinking), safe from deviating from the truth. This heart is safe from worshiping other than Allah and judging by laws other than the law of His Messenger. This heart devotes its worship to Allah alone in its desire, in its trust, in its hope in its love. If it loves, it loves for the sake of Allah; if it hates it, it hates it for the sake of Allah; if it gives, it gives for the sake of Allah; if it refuses, it refuses for the sake of Allah. This heart is free from judging by laws other than Allah and His Messenger. This heart has been tied to a strong bond, namely the religious law that Allah sent down. So that this heart makes the Shari'a a role model in every word and deed.

2. Dead Heart

A dead heart is a heart that does not know who its Lord is, it does not worship Him according to His commands, it does not present every action based on something that He loves and is pleased with. This heart always goes with the lusts and pleasures of the world even though there is the wrath of Allah in it, but this heart does not care about these things, for him the most important thing is how he can bestow his lust. He is a slave to other than Allah, if he loves then he loves because of lust, if he hates then he hates because of lust.

If the owner of this heart is read to him the verses of the Koran then he is not thrilled, he always wants to stay away from the Koran, he prefers to hear voices that make him heedless, he prefers to hear singing, hear music, hear upsetting voices. his lust. The owner of this heart is always restless, he doesn't know who he should rely on, he doesn't know who he hopes for, he doesn't know who he asks for, his life is tossed about, wherever the wind blows he will follow it, wherever his lust goes. invites him he will follow him, O how miserable the owner of this heart!

3. Sick Heart

This heart is a living heart but contains disease. This heart will follow the strong elements that influence it, sometimes this heart tends to "life" and sometimes it tends to "sickness". In this heart there is love for Allah, faith, sincerity and trust in Him. However, in this heart there is also love for lust, greed, lust, envy, arrogance and pride.

He is between the two callers, the caller to Allah, the Messenger and the Last Day and the caller to worldly life. The cry that he will receive is the one closest and most familiar to him.

The owner of this heart will always change, sometimes he is in obedience and kindness, sometimes he is in disobedience and sin. His practice is always changing according to his environment, if the environment is good then he will turn out to be good while if the environment is bad then he will be dragged into bad.

Thus, the first heart is a heart that is alive, solemn, humble, gentle and always alert. The second heart is a dry and dead heart. The third heart is a sick heart, sometimes close to salvation and sometimes close to destruction.

So, O Muslims! we should introspect ourselves, to which group does our heart belong? does our heart belong to a healthy heart, a sick heart or even our hearts have died?

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