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Understanding and Phases of Tamyiz and Factors Affecting Child Development at Tamyiz's Age


Understanding and Phases of Tamyiz and Factors Affecting Child Development at Tamyiz's Age

Muslimcreed.com - Do Muslim friends know what tamyiz is? If Muslim friends don't know it, that's okay because in this article we will describe what tamyiz is both in terms of nahwu science and as a phase of child development towards adulthood. It is necessary to know that science studies the position of words in a sentence and their vowels, especially in Arabic. So indeed the term "tamyiz" has a different meaning and understanding when viewed in different terms of science.

Not only that, even the term "tamyiz" can also be a special learning method for learning Arabic which is usually applied to children. The target for the TAMYIZ method is children at the elementary school level and beginners who can already read the Al-Quran. Not infrequently, the TAMYIZ method is also applied so that they can better master the yellow book. Then actually, what is tamyiz, both in terms of nahwu science and the phase of child development towards adulthood? How about the understanding of the TAMYIZ method, which turns out to be very effective at any age? Let's look at the following reviews so that Muslim friends understand these things!

Tamyiz as a Child Development Phase

In Islam, there are phases or stages that of course must be considered by parents, especially in the process of educating children before they reach puberty, namely before tamyiz and after tamyiz. Well, it can be concluded that the term "tamyiz" in terms of the phase of child development is the period when the children are able to distinguish things well. Children can distinguish what is good for themselves and what is bad or dangerous for themselves. Not only that, in this tamyiz phase, children are able to judge something useful or not, have a sense of shame, and are able to distinguish between right and self.

The achievement of the age of tamyiz is also greatly influenced by many things, you know, ranging from subject matter, warnings, to directions from parents. Therefore, in this tamyiz phase a child must get a lot of attention from parents along with the growth of his mind. In the period before tamyiz and after tamyiz, usually parents will use educational methods in the form of listening and listening, because at an early age children are given very strong memories, especially on things they have seen and heard.

According to Abu Zahrah, a jurist, has divided the stages of child development, namely:

Ash-Shobiy or At-Tifl (little child)

Mumayiz or tamyiz (able to distinguish something)

Murabiq (towards the age of puberty)

Baligh (already able to be given the legal burden. Usually in boys will be marked by wet dreams around the age of 14 years, while in girls will experience menstruation around the age of 11 years).

Well, children who have entered the tamyiz phase will later experience changes both emotionally and socially. In Islam, the child who has gone to tamyiz is declared to have had his own legal position and role.

Tamyiz's Age and Characteristics

In several sources, it is stated that the tamyiz period is that children aged 7-12 years and have been able to distinguish between what is good and what is wrong. Likewise, what has been explained by Khalid Asy-Syantut, that Tamyiz's age is 7 years until puberty.

Factors Affecting Child Development in Tamyiz . Age

Similarly, the psychology of child development which states that the development experienced by each child is different, because it is influenced by various factors, including:

a) Environmental Factors

The existence of the environment is the first factor in terms of child development. As has been stated by the Hadith of the Prophet Rasulullah SAW, which states that children are born in a state of fitrah, but then it is their environment that changes them to deviate from their nature.

b) Food Factor

The food consumed by children that age also affects their development, you know. Both in brain and physical development, the foods they consume must contain vitamins and good nutrition. The thing that is no less important is that the food is halal food, as has been said by Allah SWT in Surah Al-Maidah verse 88.

c) Exemplary Factor

This factor is also important in terms of the development of a child, because basically children will tend to imitate what is done by family members and their environment. That is, during this tamyiz period, children will absorb the morals around them, including by imitating or imitating good things.

d) Friend Factor

The existence of friends in the life of a child aged 7-12 years can also have a positive or negative influence, you know… Good children tend to be able to choose good friends so that they will imitate each other's main values and good behavior. Although in this case we are not allowed to discriminate between friends, but in terms of positive and negative influences, children must be given guidance.

e) Experience Factor

Some child development experts have emphasized that too little attention is paid to later experiences that will also be related to the child's development process. Yep, children who can accept the view that the experience they get turns out to make an important contribution to the development process.

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