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Faith in qada 'and qadar bears peace of mind

Faith in qada 'and qadar bears peace of mind

Faith in qada 'and qadar bears peace of mind

Allah swt created everything in this world harmonious and in pairs. There is day and night, there is rich and poor, there is sick and healthy, and so on. All of this is the will of Allah swt so that human life in the world runs in harmony. 

You can't imagine what would happen if all humans were in good health without ever getting sick. Of course there will never be a hospital, pharmacy, or doctor because all humans are healthy. Because they are always healthy, people believe that they will never die. If this were to happen, arrogance would overwhelm all of humanity. If so, the destruction of life is only a matter of time.

Pay attention to the people around you, they are different aren't they? Some are skinny, some are fat. Some have curly hair, some have straight hair. These differences are not to be made fun of, but to be grateful for and take lessons from. 

Every human being has strengths and weaknesses. These advantages are not to be boasted and exhibited to others, but are used to help lighten the burden of others. Weaknesses and limitations should not make you inferior in front of humans. Because behind the weakness there must be a privilege. Indeed, Allah swt has created man in the best form of all His creatures.

Allah swt wants all human beings to live in goodness and happiness. It is impossible for Allah swt to want evil for His servants, especially those who are obedient and pious. Therefore we must have a good attitude towards all the fates that we receive. 

For example, when we are sick, we accept it patiently, immediately endeavor to seek treatment. Rasulullah SAW taught us to do a lot of istigfar and pray for healing. When we are sick, Allah swt removes the sins we have ever done.

As a believer, we must believe in qada' and qadar. Among the fruits of believing in qada 'and qadar is in the form of peace of mind. The heart of a person who believes in qada' and qadar will always be calm and will not feel restless when a trial is overwritten, because he believes that everything has been ordained by Allah swt. This peace of mind will make our lives happier. Doesn't everyone want happiness?

The meaning of qada 'and qadar

In language, qada has several meanings, namely law, decision, determination, will. Qadar literally means certainty, size, power, embodiment of the will. In terms of qada 'is the decree of Allah swt on everything since ancient times. 

The eternal age is the age when everything has not yet been created. Qadar is the embodiment of Allah's will for all his creatures in certain sizes and forms according to His irada. One of the hadiths narrated by Bukhari and Muslim explains that every human being's gender, miserable or happy, sustenance, and death have been determined by Allah swt since humans are in their mother's cage. 

When a human being is born into this world and experiences certain events, it means that he has been ordained by Allah swt like the events he experienced. To clarify the meaning of qada' and qadar, consider the following example:

A person named Elya is currently studying at a modern Islamic boarding school. Before Elya was born into the world, even from the time of God, Allah swt had determined that a child named Elya would one day study in a modern Islamic boarding school. The decree of Allah swt since the ancient times is what is called qada ', then the reality that is happening today is called qadar.

Based on the example above, it can be seen that between qada' and qadar there is a close relationship and is a unity. Qada' is a provision, will, and will of Allah swt. While qadar is the embodiment of the will of Allah swt. Qada and qadar can be recognized by the term destiny.

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